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45 DEFINITION 1. White.

45 DEFINITION 1. White. 2. Easy to understand, clear, plain, obvious. 3. In vain, for nothing; free of charge. 白 PRONUNCIATION bái SOUND WORD Buyer COMPONENTS 丶 DROP 3 + 日 SUN 43 MNEMONICS Picture the little dot at the top of the character as a white DROP of SUN. It will make it easy to understand. STORY An original new ad for detergent buyers: “This new detergent, ‘A DROP of SUN’, will make your clothes whiter than white. The difference will be obvious to you when you look at the results. Now offered in a new package, with 25% more detergent, free of charge.” EXAMPLES 1. 雪 白 (xuě bái) Snowy white. 白 面 (bái miàn) White flour. 白 天 (bái tiān) Daytime. 2. 白 话 (bái huà) Vernacular language, colloquial speech. 3. 白 送 (bái sòng) To be given free of charge. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • It ranks amongst the top 100 Chinese surnames. • Here is an example where the SUN building block appears squished vertically. • This is the 106 th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 70 七 十

46 DEFINITION Mortar; mortarshaped. PRONUNCIATION jiù SOUND WORD 臼 Villagio /villaddʒɔ/ Italian word for ‘village.’ MNEMONICS Ashtray. This character can represent any mortar-shaped thing. Why not an ashtray? Just replace the pestle with a cigarette… STORY After crushing grains in his mortar all day, the old Italian baker, who lived all his life in the villagio, smokes a cigarette at the front of his bakery and crushes his cigarette butt in a mortar-shaped ashtray. EXAMPLES 杵 臼 (chǔ jiù) Mortar and pestle. 石 臼 (shí jiù) Stone mortar. 臼 齿 (jiù chǐ) Molar (mortar-shaped tooth). WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This depicts a mortar to crush something in, not mortar used in masonry or mortar used as a weapon. • Usage frequency: Bottom third. 七 十 一 71

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