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51 DEFINITION 1. To die,

51 DEFINITION 1. To die, perish; deceased. 2. To flee. 3. To lose. PRONUNCIATION wáng SOUND WORD 亡 Wangler As in Wrangler jeans, but pronounced by someone with a strong Asian accent. COMPONENTS STORY 亠 COWBOY HAT 49 + CORNER 6 A COWBOY HAT hanging on a hook in a CORNER, above a pair of Wangler jeans, right where the deceased left it the day he died after fleeing the ward and getting lost in the woods, reminds us of him and his dirty pants. EXAMPLES 1. 死 亡 (sǐ wáng) To die; death. 存 亡 (cún wáng) To survive or perish. 2. 出 亡 (chū wáng) To flee one’s country. 3. 亡 失 (wáng shī) To lose, be missing. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top third. 76 七 十 六

52 DEFINITION 1. Child, son, daughter, youngster. 2. Noun suffix (Beijing dialect). 儿 [ 兒 ] PRONUNCIATION ér SOUND WORD Army MNEMONICS TRADITIONAL COMPONENTS [ 臼 MORTAR-SHAPED 46 + walking legs] • Walking legs, human legs. The simplified character represents the legs of a child making his first steps, hence walking legs or human legs. • The traditional character can be viewed as a MORTAR-SHAPED head with the fontanels not yet closed on top of walking legs. This is a very close representation of its ancient form: . STORY A minister says to his king: “Our enemy seems to be running out of men. They are sending an army of children and youngsters to attack our castle. All we can see are their walking legs under an oversized coat of mail. [“Some of them are very young too and are not wearing a helmet. We can still see their MORTAR-SHAPED heads (with fontanels not yet closed) on top of their human legs!”] EXAMPLES 1. 儿 子 (ér zǐ) Son. 女 儿 (nǚ ér) Daughter. 2. 这 儿 (zhè ér) Here. 一 点 儿 (yì diǎn ér) A little. WANT A LITTLE MORE? • This is the 10th of the 214 Kangxi radicals. • Usage frequency: Top 500. 七 十 七 77

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