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56 DEFINITION Six. PRONUNCIATION liù 六 SOUND WORD Bagaglio /bagalio/ Italian word for ‘luggage.’ COMPONENTS MNEMONICS 亠 COWBOY HAT 49 + 八 OCTOPUS55 EIGHT Picture a circus performer wearing a COWBOY HAT and walking with six suitcases in his or her extended arms. The ancient form, person carrying stuff. STORY , even looks like a This circus performer always carries with him six pieces of bagaglio on the road. In the big bagaglio, he keeps an OCTOPUS and in a small one, a COWBOY HAT. During his act, he makes the OCTOPUS dance on six legs and hold the COWBOY HAT over its head with the other two legs while singing, ‘Hello, Dolly!’ EXAMPLES 六 陈 (liù chén) The six types of grains (rice, wheat, barley, small bean, sesame, soybean). 六 月 (liù yuè) June. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top 500. 82 八 十 二

57 DEFINITION Seven. † To chop, cut. PRONUNCIATION qī SOUND WORD Cheek 七 MNEMONICS • View it as an upside-down number 7 (with a transverse line as some of us write it). • The original meaning of this character was to cut or chop, clearly shown by the first stroke cutting through the second. STORY “My young son went to visit his aunt. She pinched his cheek so hard that she cut his skin and he needed seven stitches!” EXAMPLES 七 月 (qī yuè) July. 七 上 八 下 (qī shànɡ bā xià) To feel worried. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top third. 八 十 三 83

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