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60 DEFINITION Twenty. PRONUNCIATION niàn 廿 SOUND WORD Non-Darwinian Let’s picture a person whose intelligence defies the theories of evolution and the survival of the fittest… COMPONENTS MNEMONICS 2 x ~ 十 TEN 59 It is basically two TEN merged together, with a line below for the result. TEN + TEN = 20. This is an old way of representing the number 20, now predominantly written 二 十 . STORY A twenty-year-old non-Darwinian person has just found out that TEN + TEN equals twenty! EXAMPLES 廿 四 史 (niàn sì shǐ) The twenty-four official stories of China. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Middle third. 86 八 十 六

61 DEFINITION Non-character used only as a building block. PRONUNCIATION Not applicable SOUND WORD Not applicable MNEMONICS • Picket fence; grazing cows. A picket fence, so often seen in the countryside. Behind the picket fence, some grazing cows. 八 十 七 87

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