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62 DEFINITION Thirty. PRONUNCIATION sà 卅 SOUND WORD Grasa /gɾasa/ Spanish word for ‘fat,’ as in ‘animal fat’ or fat content in food, butter, milk… COMPONENTS MNEMONICS 3 x 十 TEN 59 Pictogram of three 十 TEN joined together, equivalent to modern 三 十 for thirty, which is seen much more often. STORY “This baby is just thirty (3 x TEN) months old and he is already so fat!” “He eats too much grasa, that’s why!” EXAMPLES 五 卅 事 件 (wǔ sà shì jiàn) The anti-imperialist movement in China that occurred on May 30, 1925. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Bottom third. 88 八 十 八

63 DEFINITION 1. Generation, age. 2. World. PRONUNCIATION shì SOUND WORD Amish 世 MNEMONICS COMPONENTS ~ 十 TEN 59 + 廿 TWENTY 60 TEN + TWENTY = 30 years, amounting to about a generation. You can view the bottom horizontal stroke as a line for the result. STORY The young Amish, between the age of TEN and TWENTY, must learn the Amish lifestyle that hasn’t changed for generations. EXAMPLES 1. 世 代 (shì dài) Generation. 世 纪 (shì jì) Century. 2. 世 界 (shì jiè) World. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top 500. 八 十 九 89

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