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64 DEFINITION Hundred.

64 DEFINITION Hundred. PRONUNCIATION bǎi 百 SOUND WORD Bystanders MNEMONICS COMPONENTS 一 ONE 15 + 白 WHITE 45 If you turn the character 90 degrees to the left, placing it on its left side, it looks like 100. STORY “There is ONE street performer, all dressed in WHITE, being watched by a hundred bystanders.” EXAMPLES 一 百 人 (yì bǎi rén) 100 people. 百 货 (bǎi huò) General goods. 百 姓 (bǎi xìng) Common people. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top 500. 90 九 十

65 DEFINITION Thousand. PRONUNCIATION qiān 千 SOUND WORD tChienne /t’ʃjɛn/ French word for ‘female dog.’ Think ‘Nothing but chiennes.’ (See ‘Special sound mnemonics,’ page 113) COMPONENTS STORY ノ DOG COLLAR 4 left-falling stroke + 十 CROSS59 TEN I am in Normandy, at a cemetery built in memory of the dogs who served during the war, looking at rows of a thousand CROSSES, each one having a DOG COLLAR placed at an angle at the top. I ask the cemetery guard about the proportion of male and female dogs amongst the thousand dogs that are buried there. He says, “Non, non, monsieur. There is nothing but chiennes here.” EXAMPLES 千 瓦 (qiān wǎ) Kilowatt. 千 里 (qiān lǐ) A long distance. WANT A LITTLE MORE? Usage frequency: Top third. 九 十 一 91

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