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1. Master bulletin - Autumn 2016

All you have to do is

All you have to do is visit the supplier at the show, select your ranges and place your Money Maker order. This order will set your cost prices/discount level until the next show. RED STAR CLEARANCE If you see a ‘Red Star’ sign on a suppliers stand, this means that the supplier has clearance goods available at heavily discounted prices. Available on a first come, first served basis. R.V. (REWARD FOR VOLUME) Quite simply the more of a product (or pack of products) you buy, the cheaper the cost price is and the higher the margin you achieve. C.P.T.E. (COST PRICE TAX EXCLUDED) The cost price to members for goods ordered during show time. S.P.T.I. (SELLING PRICE TAX INCLUDED) The recommended selling price to consumers, again related to the show cost prices. However, all members are free to set their own selling prices. AIS MARGIN CALCULATION The AIS margin percentage which we list in this bulletin represents the cash margin with the VAT taken out. Therefore, the margins may seem low. The standard margin calculation including VAT works out 5% - 6% higher when shown as a percentage. Some members do use this standard margin calculation. AIS CASH MARGIN CALCULATION WITH VAT AT 20% SPTI £20.00 CPTE £9.00 38% Cash Margin CPTE £10.00 8 33% Cash Margin CPTE £11.00 28% Cash Margin

AIS margin is showing a cash margin percentage based on the selling price which includes VAT (SPTI). VAT is currently at 20%. So on a product selling at £20.00, the payable VAT is 16.66%. VAT = £3.33 payable on sale. This means that the store retains £6.67 of actual cash profit. £6.67 for their store on every product sold at £20.00 with a cost of £10.00. LIST PRICE This is the usual cost price to members when the product is not on offer. NRM (NORMAL RETAIL PRICE) NRM indicates that a product needs to be price established at the higher price for twenty eight days prior to your sale (and subsequent price reduction). NRM is used when the supplier does not print a recommended retail price or if we feel that a suppliers RRP is unrealistic. R.R.P. (RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE) Can be used instead of NRM prices, if a printed R.R.P list can be provided by the supplier and is freely available to the public. If in doubt use NRM and price establish for 28 days at the top price. The use of realistic NRM prices is becoming much more plausible as opposed to unrealistic RRP prices. However, the choice is yours as to which price you use. NEW SUPPLIERS AT THIS SHOW Bolsius – a large European candle and home fragrance supplier. Creative Products – the very latest kitchen gadgets with ongoing promotional programmes. Deluxe Tableware – showing Thomas Loft tableware. The English Soap Company - a great addition for cookshops. Great pick-up lines and stocking fillers. Europasonics – highlighting their best selling Hairy Biker range. Visit their stand for a chance to win a free demonstration for your store. Melamaster – English made 100% melamine trays, mats and coasters. Zanussi cookware and kitchenware. Already a big hit in the USA. Supplied by Zodiac Stainless Steel Products. Plus, a Nespresso café concept complete with highly trained coffee ambassadors – arranged by Groupe Seb. Please could I ask you to make a special effort to visit these suppliers during the show. 9

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