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158 However, the

158 However, the challenges faced by the Commission have to be overcome in order to maintain and protect competition on the merits in the digital economy in the future. The positions taken in the discussion on how to proceed with the enforcement of Article 102 TFEU, on the one hand to abstain from intervention in digital markets at all, and on the other hand to introduce an exante regulation in order to secure effective competition are considered excessive. There is little reason for thinking that competition cannot work in digital markets and may not be protected by the current legal framework under Article 102 TFEU. Nevertheless, effective competition policy design requires careful thought. Characteristics of digital markets need to be taken into account when dealing with abusive conduct, particularly in the definition of relevant markets and the assessment of market dominance in those markets. The policy goals have to be aligned with innovation and consumer welfare. In this regard, the adoption of an effects-based approach by the Commission and the EU Courts is more necessary than ever, in order to achieve predictable legal standards and coherent outcomes. Furthermore, the complexity and fast-moving nature of digital markets shall not lead to commitment decisions according to Article 9 Regulation 1/2003. Especially in novel economies such as digital markets it is of crucial importance to build legal certainty.

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