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Tupperware Mid February 2017 Brochure

Who likes brunch? It's one of my favorite meals. Our Mid Feb Brochure is all about brunch and our Art of Spring Collection. It will bring Spring right into your kitchen and table. To order, go to:

My biggest supporter

My biggest supporter since I started my Tupperware business about a year and a half ago has been my mother, who was my third team member. She helped me get to the Manager level. My whole team really supports me and one another. I love all of them and they help me to continue loving what I do. They are excited about growing their own teams, so getting phone calls with questions and hearing the excitement in their voices helps keep my drive alive. I have made so many new friends in this business. Lifelong friends. Some are team members, some are customers and some I met at Tupperware events. Wonderful people from all over. Tupperware has helped me be home more. I traveled for about four years with my employer before Tupperware. I was literally gone for most of those four years. Since I started my Tupperware business, I have been home for 13 of those 18 months. Playing with grandkids, seeing my grown kids more and spending time with my husband. I’ve decided it’s time to be present at home, thanks to this awesome company. Our family is also benefiting from the all-expense-paid trips I’m earning. My husband and I will be going to Hawaii this year— and my Star Director and her husband are going too! I’ve also earned trips to New York, South Carolina, and several to Florida. I’m excited to see where else Tupperware takes us! — KIM ANDERSON, DIRECTOR Dover, AR JOIN THOUSANDS OF OTHER TUPPERLADIES AND GENTS BY ASKING YOUR CONSULTANT HOW TO GET STARTED OR BY VISITING TUPPERWARE.COM. 10