1 year ago

Tupperware Mid February 2017 Brochure

Who likes brunch? It's one of my favorite meals. Our Mid Feb Brochure is all about brunch and our Art of Spring Collection. It will bring Spring right into your kitchen and table. To order, go to:


DIP INTO SOMETHING New only available February 11–24, 2017! Forks clip on edge for no-mess dipping. a Try these delicious dipping duos at home: white and dark chocolate, guacamole and salsa, cocktail sauce and shrimp. DIP, BABY, DIP a Tupperware Chic Dining ® Dipper Heat warm dips in the microwave andthey remain deliciously dippable for hours, or keep cool dips chilled when the bottom container is filled with ice. Includes four dipping forks for fondue-like serving (and can be stored inside container when not in use). Not recommended for warm high-fat ingredients, such as cheese-based dips. $22 value. Save $3! 81700 $19.00 LIMITED-TIME SAVINGS | AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 11–24, 2017 ONLY!

LIMITED-TIME SAVINGS | AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 11–24, 2017 ONLY! CLASSIC FAVORITES HAVE RETURNED only available February 11–24, 2017! MIX, STORE, POUR a Classic Mix-N-Stor ® Pitchers 4-cup/1 L and 8-cup/2 L pitchers with etched measurements to last through every memorable kitchen moment. Each features handle and cover with flip-top pour spout. $31 value. Save $10! 81699 $21.00 b ONLY $12 c Double Colander The deeper colander works well for straining pastas and the shallow is perfect for smaller amounts of berries or draining liquids from saucepans and canned goods. $19 value. Save $7! 81697 $12.00 a BUY SHAKERS, GET BUTTER DISH FREE b Table Accessories Set Includes Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers and 1-lb./455 g Impressions Butter Dish. $29.50 value. Save $10.50! 81699 $19.00 Hook colanders together to shake dry fruits and veggies. c 13