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FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:54 Page 22 HASSAN SHEHERYAR YASIN Fashion Designer a young pakistani fashion designer hassan Sheheryar Yasin started his career as a fashion choreographer in 1994. after his success in choreography, he stepped in to the world of fashion designing. he mostly made bridal and formal wear at the beginning of his fashion designing career. due to his remarkable work, he achieved an emerging south asian fashion label ‘hSY’ in 2000. his early fashion designing success made him to plan men’s line in 2006 and to introduce the jewelry line in 2007. he also introduced different collection of home furniture, interior accessories and soft furnishing. he started his bridal and formal wear cot our house in the most traditional city of pakistan, lahore. he owns fourteen display centers at international level including Uk, Saudi arabia, Uae, USa and pakistan. he has six stores internationally with the collaboration of flagship studio in lahore. he has been planning more furniture show rooms in toronto and new York. But he has also organized various fashion shows at international fashion scenes including dubai, london, new York city and toronto. recently, he has displayed both his latest men’s and women’s wear collection for winters in pfdc Sunsilk fashion week 2012 karachi. he is working on traditional formal line, made-to-order line, ready to wear line and Studio line these days. 22

FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:54 Page 23 SHARMEEN OBAID CHINOY Director Sharmeen obaid chinoy had ambition to do something for her country; she started by writing columns in newspapers about the forlorn and unfortunate events happening in pakistan. later, she entered the film making industry just so she could convey her message to the public. her career in documentary filmmaking began when she examined the plight of arghan refugee children in pakistan for an article. their situation was so ominous, and their stories so compelling, that Sharmeen decided to return to pakistan and create a film about them. She petitioned Smith college and new York times television production division for the funds that would allow her to accomplish her goals. intrigued and interested by her story, both organizations gave her the finances as well as production equipment and training. obaid began her calling with new York times television in 2002 where she produced terror’s children, a film about afghan refugee children, which won her the overseas press club award, the american women and radio and television award, and the South asian Journalist association award. Since then, she has produced and reported on more than twelve films around the world. obaid produced and accounted on four multi-award winning documentary films for new York times television. in 2003, reinventing the taliban was awarded the Special Jury award at the Banff tV festival in canada, the cine Golden eagle award, the american women in radio and television award, and the livingston award. in 2005, her film women of the holy kingdom, which provided an inside look at the women’s movement in Saudi arabia, won the South asian Journalist association award. Known for documentaries focusing on life in the Muslim world, Obaid-Chinoy became the first non-American to win the Livingston Award. in 2005, obaid began working with channel 4 in the United kingdom reporting on four films for their Unreported world series. pakistan’s double Game looked at sectarian violence in pakistan, city of Guilt explored the catholic church’s pro-life movement in the philippines, the new apartheid looked into growing xenophobia in South africa, and Birth of a nation delved into the politics of east timor. in 2007, obaid was named “journalist of the year” by the one world media awards for her work in the series. in 2007, obaid travelled to afghanistan and reported for channel 4 and cnn. her film, afghanistan Unveiled/lifting the Veil, focuses on stalled reconstruction and the repression of women in the 2010, she won an emmy award for her documentary, pakistan: children of the taliban, which explores taliban recruitment strategies, their effect on the youth and their methods to radicalize the country’s young and often dejected populace. children of the taliban premiered filums (2011) - the largest film festival in pakistan held annually at the lahore University of management Sciences. on february 26, 2012, obaid became the first pakistani woman to win an oscar for the co-directed documentary Saving face, which she made with daniel Junge (who started the film and titled it before she came aboard as co-director) and which chronicles the lives of acid attack survivors in pakistan. the film also follows British-pakistani plastic surgeon mohammad ali Jawad who performs reconstructive surgeries on survivors of such terrible attacks. the film was codirected by american filmmaker daniel Junge. 23

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