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FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:54 Page 28 VIRTUALHOSPITAL.ORG.UK Using the internet to deliver 21st century medical care to the world s poorest people . Virtual Hospital seeks to ensure that the benefits of modern medicine are available to all people and that the poor are not deprived of medical treatment for want of money, or a lack of access to

FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:54 Page 29 IMRAN KHAN Politics & welfare on 13 december 2007, khan received the humanitarian award at the asian Sports awards in kuala lumpur for his efforts in setting up the first cancer hospital in pakistan. in 2009, at international cricket council’s centennial year celebration, khan was one of fifty-five cricketers inducted into the icc hall of fame. in 2011 he was given Jinnah award. on 28 July 2012, imran khan was awarded an honorary fellowship by the royal college of physicians of edinburgh in recognition of his services for cancer treatment in pakistan, through the Shaukat khanum memorial cancer hospital and research centre. imran khan niazi is a pakistani politician, statesman and former cricketer. he has played international cricket for two decades in the late twentieth century. after retiring, he entered politics, besides his political activism, khan is also a philanthropist, cricket commentator, chancellor of the University of Bradford and founding chairman Board of Governors of Shaukat khanum memorial cancer hospital & research centre. he was pakistan’s most successful cricket captain, and played for the pakistani cricket team from 1971 to 1992 and served as its captain intermittently throughout1982–1992 after retiring from cricket at the end of the 1987 world cup, in 1988 due to popular public demand he was requested to come back by the president of pakistan to lead the team once again. at 39, khan led his teammates to pakistan’s first and only world cup victory in 1992. he has a record of 3807 runs and 362 wickets in test cricket, making him one of eight world cricketers to have achieved an ‘all-rounder’s triple’ in test matches. on 14 July 2010, khan was inducted into the icc cricket hall of fame. in april 1996, khan founded and became the chairman of a political party pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (movement for Justice). he represented mianwali as a member of the national assembly from nov 2002 to oct 2007. foreign policy magazine has described him as “pakistan’s ron paul”. through worldwide fundraising, he founded the Shaukat khanum memorial cancer hospital & research centre in 1996 and mianwali’s namal college in 2008. 29

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