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FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:55 Page 38 SADIQ KHAN MP ddddddd LORD NAZIR AHMED Sadiq khan was elected member of parliament for tooting (in South london) in 2005. he is the first ever muslim mp to be elected in london, to be part of the privy council and the first asian or muslim to attend cabinet. as Shadow lord chancellor and Justice Secretary, he is the only ever ethnic minority or muslim to be elected to the Shadow cabinet. from becoming the youngest elected councillor in london in 1994 aged 23, he has become the most senior muslim in labour’s 112 year history. Sadiq was campaign manager for the leadership bid for ed miliband and currently sits on labour’s national executive committee. he is a past chair of the fabian Society. his appointment as a Government whip made him, alongside former mp Shahid malik, the first British muslim government minister. Sadiq has also been a minister in the department for transport and the department for communities and local Government. as an initiator in facilitating debate and dialogue between senior politicians, opinion formers and British muslims, Sadiq advises a number of leading community & muslim groups in the Uk and charities working to help lives both in the Uk and overseas. prior to becoming an mp, Sadiq was one of the country’s leading human rights lawyers and a founding partner of a leading solicitors firm. he acted in a number of landmark cases in all major courts and tribunals. he was also chair of liberty. nazir ahmed was born in 1958 and is a member of the house of lords, having become the United kingdom’s first muslim life peer in 1998. many of his political activities relate to the islamic community both in the Uk and abroad, and he has often attracted controversy. he was suspended from the labour party pending investigation of alleged remarks made at a meeting in haripur, pakistan on 13 april 2012. as a resident of rotherham, ahmed has spoken on behalf of the communities in that region, particularly the families of the former steelworkers of the 1960s, from the indian subcontinent who are now second or third generation British. he has expressed that he is anxious to see that these regions continue to live peacefully amidst the growing move towards the far right across europe, and strives to encourage positive integration into society so that people of all cultures can live together harmoniously. Born in pakistan, ahmed has a personal interest in seeing a peaceful resolve to the ongoing bloody dispute in kashmir and seeks international mediation to achieve this. as well as being an active figure in the indian Subcontinent, he has worked on the plight of muslims around the world ranging from the collapse of former Yugoslavia, especially to the Bosniaks and palestinians. he has won many awards including ‘newcomer of the Year’ by the Spectator magazine parliamentarian awards 2005. in 2012, he received the inaugural ‘achievement and inspiration’ award from the foSiS (federation of Student islamic Societies). 38

FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:55 Page 39 BARONESS WARSI House of Lord a lawyer, a businesswoman, a campaigner and a cabinet minister, Sayeeda warsi has had many roles, but she is best known for being the first muslim to serve in a British cabinet and the foremost muslim politician in the western world. one of five girls born to immigrants of pakistani origin in dewsbury, west Yorkshire, Sayeeda studied law at leeds University, going on to work for the crown prosecution Service before setting up her own legal practice. her father, a former millworker and bus driver who set up his own business, instilled in her values of freedom, responsibility and aspiration. these are the values that inspired her to get involved in the conservative party and it was there that she became Vice chairman and advisor to the leader, michael howard, in 2004. She unsuccessfully stood as a parliamentary candidate in her home town the following year. in 2007 she was elevated to the house of lords aged 36, making her the youngest peer in parliament. later that year she travelled to Sudan and famously helped to secure the release of the British teacher Gillian Gibbons who was on trial for blasphemy. a racial justice campaigner for many years, instrumental in the launch of operation Black Vote and serving six years at the Joseph rowntree charitable trust, Sayeeda was chosen to take on nick Griffin on Question time in 2009. it was the first time the British national party leader appeared on a flagship BBc political show. her performance singled her out as ‘sharp, articulate, unhysterical and warmly engaging’ (observer). in 2010 she was appointed by prime minister david cameron as minister without portfolio, becoming the first muslim to serve in a British cabinet. the iconic image of her on the steps of no 10 downing Street in a shalwar kameez (a traditional ethnic outfit) were beamed In 2012 she led the UK’s largest ever ministerial delegation to the Vatican, gaining global coverage for a speech which called on Europe to strengthen its Christian identity. around the world. She was also appointed as co-chairman of the conservative party – the first asian to chair a major British political party. in 2012, Sayeeda was made Senior minister of State at the foreign and commonwealth office and minister for faith and communities. in government she has devoted herself to making the case for faith, declaring in a 2010 address to the anglican Bishops’ conference that governments should ‘do God’. in 2011 she provoked support and controversy when she famously declared that islamophobia had ‘passed the dinner table test’. in 2012 she led the Uk’s largest ever ministerial delegation to the Vatican, gaining global coverage for a speech which called on europe to strengthen its christian identity. outspoken and challenging on the issues that many people seek to avoid, she has become an interesting and distinct voice on topics previously considered taboo. She led the government’s campaign to criminalise forced marriage and spoke out on the sexual grooming of children by gangs. 39

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