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FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:55 Page 46 TRAILBLAZERS THE ONES TO WATCH ZUFFAR HAQ Business & Charity SHABIR HUSSAIN Akbar’s Restaurants a man with a vision and certainly ahead of his time, Shabir hussain, the founder and chairman of akbar’s group of restaurants glances back at the root of his entrepreneurial success. Better described as a technically advanced chef whose growth was down to creating cutting edge menus and constantly pushing boundaries to achieve perfection. today Shabir’s portfolio of restaurants boasts 10 spellbinding asian restaurants, a Gourmet cafe and now duely to open a 250 seater, indo-chinese restaurant. all outlets in hand picked and strategic locations around Uk, despite which, many diners even today travel great distances to reach one of their nearest branches of akbar’s in order to satisfy their addiction for his sumptuous cuisine. Shabir has received a string of accolades over the years which including being crowned, ‘king of curry’. in June 2012 asian lite awards evening awarded Shabir was voted ‘restauranteur of the Year 2012’. Zuffar haq is a humanitarian and tireless international charity worker with an indefatigable spirit. he is chairperson for a charitable organization known as international hospital relief trust founded in 2001, and is personally in charge of all activities in operations relating to this charity. he has personally delivered hospital equipment, food packages, medicines and hygiene equipment to different countries –mainly pakistan and also kenya, Sudan, nigeria, india and Gambia. he is a successful entrepreneur and has stood as a parliamentary candidate for leicester South, harborough for the liberal democrats and is on leadership programme which is set up to help and support talented candidates within the party. he is also a local grassroots community campaigner particularly in health matters and has been very influential on national level in eradicating 0844 no from Gp’S surgery’s, he is also Vice-chair of leicestershire & rutland crimestoppers. in 2003 he received the Sony and eastern eye community award for his charitable efforts and he has more recently received the lloyds tSB Jewel award 2009 for the central region. 46 in spite of his business obligations, commercial interests have always played a secondary role to his charity work and his sense of civic and public duty.

FINAL POWER 100 BOOK 2.59 TUE_Layout 1 14/02/2017 13:55 Page 47 MOHAMMED IQBAL Consultant as a consultant, dr iqbal has shown persistent high quality care by receiving 4 excellence in healthcare awards in the last 7 years. he was elected unanimously as the chair of association of pakistani physicians and Surgeons of Uk in recognition of his vision, hard work, dedication and proven leadership quality. he has been able to bring all healthcare workers of pakistani heritage under one umbrella in less than six months, and to contribute 25 good projects in pakistan including state of art centre of hearing and balance for children in karachi and lahore being undertaken.. he has organized a number of deaf camps in pakistan where hundreds of deaf children were rehabilitated with hearing aids. he serves international deaf charity “aud med” as a trustee, which provides service in 17 countries. he has earned the respect of a wider community due to his commitment as a non-executive director of an award winning Social enterprise Unlimited potential and by working with prince charles for the project “Seeing is believing”. he is the chair of altrincham muslim association matrimonial Section, which is the most successful welfare matrimonial service in Uk. DR SUHAIL CHUGHTAI dr Suhail chughtai is an orthopaedic Surgeon with almost 15 years of experience at a consultant level in Uk, pakistan and Saudi arabia, as a medicolegal orthopaedic expert for 5 years with 10,000 plus reports to his credit, as an entrepreneur with a business award to his credit for his medico-legal firm with the name of medico-legal professionals, as a microsoft certified Specialist with 50 plus medical computing courses led as an instructor, as founder-director of an online tV channel (tVapex) backed up with modern studios and conference centre in east london, as founder-director of Jinnah forum and as the lead coordinator of association of pakistani physicians and Surgeons-Uk for east london chapter. mr chughtai is an extraordinary ambassador for the innovative product like advanced medical reporting System. SYED KAUSAR KAZMI, Head of Business Development – Europe, Habib Bank AG Zurich, UK, and Director, Habib European Bank, Isle of Man Born in pakistan, in 1953, Syed kazmi’s father was the manager of habib Bank limited, which meant he moved around a lot and spent his schooling years in cantonment public Schools, which, he recalls, “were great disciplinary institutions”. he could not go to the Uk for his planned higher education, which led to a chemical engineering degree. on reflection he says his greatest achievement was starting up and establishing habib european Bank in the isle of man at the age of 28: “not only was i able to get the bank recognition, but i feel proud to have been successful in making a place amongst the manx community, as head of a young muslim family, in the eyes of the manx people, where asians, let alone muslims were few and far between”. the habib story began in karachi, in 1974, at the prestigious 23-storey head office, habib Bank plaza. after two years of training, he joined habib Bank aG Zurich in dubai and then went to oman in 1997. the following year he got his first major break when he was asked to start the nairobi Branch as operations manager which he duly ran for 4 years. Syed kazmi took up his post in isle of man in 1982 at 28 years of age, having never previously been to europe before. he spent over eight years there and, looking back, says this was the biggest challenge of his career given his relatively young age. after being appointed as the executive director of habib european Bank in 1988, he was transferred to london in 1990 to head up its main Branch in moorgate. from 2009 until 2012 mr kazmi was the chief executive officer of the Uk Zone and currently is head of Business development – europe. he continues to be a member of the global management committee of the habib Group of Banks. he credits his father as his biggest inspiration; “despite having suffered from polio at a young age, leaving him with a slight limp, his father was able to reach Senior executive positions through sheer hard work, honesty, determination and vision”. a die-hard liverpool football fan, he rarely misses a good cricket match and enjoys spending time with the family, watching sports and assisting charities. 47

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