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The Equity of Influence


KNOWN | 15 to give her

KNOWN | 15 to give her half of my net worth. Since she had never worked, I had to pay off her bills from addiction recovery centers, even after we were divorced. And I had medical bills of my own. I had suffered a spinal cord injury and had been briefly paralyzed on the left side of my body. Doctors wondered if I would have long-term problems walking. After months of therapy and a surgery to place a metal plate in my head, I was on a road to physical recovery. In this same time period, I lost three of my best friends – two to disease and one from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Losing my family, my health, my friends, and my financial well-being was nearly too much to bear. I suffered from depression and could barely function at times. When I started my process to become known in the digital world, I was at emotional ground zero. Perhaps below zero, if that’s possible. But I clawed my way back. I found my “voice,” my place in the world. I found an audience that mattered. I worked hard to connect to people with relevant and entertaining content like blog posts and podcasts. I was consistent and patient for years. Today I’m known as an expert in digital marketing, but I didn’t start that way. When I published my first blog post, I knew nothing about blogging. When I started consulting, I knew very little about consulting. When I wrote my first book, I had never done anything like that before. As you’ll learn, becoming known is an evolutionary process. You don’t have to be an expert in something to ultimately succeed as long as you embrace a mindset of continuous and urgent learning. This book will inspire you, nurture you, and challenge you to reach higher. It will change your perspective on what it takes to win in business today, and it may even change your life. Now, it’s time to begin with the first question you should always ask before embarking on something so exciting and new: “Why?”

If you enjoyed this introduction to KNOWN, please consider buying the book in paper, electronic, or audio versions. There is also a companion workbook available in print-only called The KNOWN Personal Branding Workbook. This book was written by Mark W. Schaefer. You can learn more about Mark and his books, blog and podcast at Copyright 2017 Mark W. Schaefer

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