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The Equity of Influence


KNOWN | 9 vention halls

KNOWN | 9 vention halls filled with thousands of people. I lectured at some of the world’s top universities, and I was a guest speaker at a European “think tank” that had featured some of the most famous authors and diplomats in the world, like Nelson Mandela. My path to new power was chock-full of mistakes and bad habits that I carried over from the old corporate world. And this is what I learned the hard way: There’s a new paradigm of power … or what I call the new “equity of influence.” What do I mean? In a traditional office job, these are some of the symbols of personal power and influence: • Job title • Salary • Achievements • Number of direct reports • Framed degrees and citations on the office wall • Control of scarce resources • Where you went to college • Executive relationships Studies have even shown that how tall you are, how goodlooking you are, and how you dress can contribute to the personal power you achieve in the so-called real world! But on the internet, none of this matters. Nobody knows or cares what your title is. Nobody can really tell how tall you are, how rich you are, or what family you married into. It just doesn’t matter.

10 | MARK W. SCHAEFER In fact, there’s only one thing that counts today, only one source of power and influence when it comes to the online world. And it is this. To be known. And that’s what this book is about. I want you to have a more powerful, impactful, and rewarding life by helping you to become known. Perhaps the idea of being regarded as a leader in your field seems daunting, maybe even unachievable. It’s not. I’ll tell you stories of very common people from all over the world who have become uncommonly successful. All of them started at ground zero and followed precisely the same four steps to become known, everywhere, every time. I’ll provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to show how you can follow these steps, too. What’s in it for you? I’m going to stop talking about me. Let’s discuss how this new way of thinking relates to you and your personal goals. Where do you want to go with your career and your life? What’s next? Here are some of the dreams and goals I’ve heard from my friends and clients. They want to … • Write a book • Launch a speaking career • Become a consultant • Be named to a prestigious board • Remain relevant in their field for many years

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