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The Equity of Influence


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KNOWN | 13 ceed? Would you rather blindly follow a dream with almost no chance of success, or save yourself those years of wasted effort by logically determining a path that gives you a higher probability of accomplishing your goals? Dana Hitt Sanchez provides coaching to small business owners and has seen too many crash and burn when they run on passion without a plan. “A passion and a hobby is about you,” she said. “It’s an activity that gives YOU pleasure and may be removed from reality. The scary thing is, I see so many people devoting their lives to a dream because it’s their passion and they just think if they ‘build it, people will come.’ I mean, if I love it, won’t everyone else? Maybe. But probably not if you don’t have a plan. Just concentrating on a hobby doesn’t answer a need.” Think of your personal brand as a start-up, the start-up of YOU. Research shows that more than 95 percent of start-ups fail, and the number one reason for failure – by far – is that there was no market need for the product. By following the logical path in this book, you’ll have the very best shot to combine an idea that you love with an audience that will help you succeed. I’m going to tip the balance in your favor by helping you work through • The true role of “passion” in your new personal brand. • The fact that you do NOT have to be an expert in anything to start your journey • Strategies to find your distinct niche and voice. • Nine ways to stand out, even in a very crowded marketplace. • The importance of creating content to help fulfill your dream. But that’s not just any content – it’s the content

14 | MARK W. SCHAEFER that is precisely right for you.Plans to identify and build an audience that will help you activate your goals. • Measuring success and knowing if it’s time to quit or pivot. Known is the first book of its kind to teach you, step by step, how the most successful people online focus their efforts, create a plan, and activate their personal brand in a measurable way. This is the practical handbook for achieving extraordinary personal power in the digital age. But we’re not here by ourselves. I brought along some fascinating friends. This book features incredible case studies starring people who started with almost nothing and became known in a way that helped them succeed in art, real estate, construction, publishing, education, sports, medicine, finance, fashion, and many other fields. And they all followed a similar path, a path to become known, a path available to anybody today. You’ll see through these stories that it doesn’t matter what you look like, the color of your skin, where you live, how old you are, or how much money you have. It makes no difference where you’ve been before, how dark and difficult your life has been, or how many injustices you’ve endured. Today, everyone has a chance to transform, to become something bold and wonderful and new, to have a meaningful voice in the world. I am living proof of this. I started this chapter talking about my personal transition from the corporate world to forming my own business. Around the time I embarked on my own journey to be known, I was also suffering through the darkest period of my life. My wife, an addict who I had supported through many cycles of rehab and recovery, ran away with another man. She took with her my two young stepchildren whom I had raised and loved as my own. I never saw them again. Stepparents have no rights. We went through a brutal divorce, and I was forced

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