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Graham & Doddsville An investment newsletter from the students of Columbia Business School Inside this issue: Issue XXIX Winter 2017 G&D Breakfast P. 3 Kingstown P. 5 Kingstown Capital Management Rupal Bhansali P. 15 Simeon Wallis P. 23 Student Ideas P. 38 Jared Friedberg P. 44 Studness P. 51 Michael Blitzer ’04 Guy Shanon ’99 Michael Blitzer and Guy Shanon are the Managing Partners of Kingstown Capital, a value-oriented investment partnership that focuses on special situation securities across the capital structure. The firm was founded in 2006 with strategic backing from Gotham Capital and currently manages $1.8B. Michael and Guy both hold Editors: (Continued on page 5) Eric Laidlow, CFA MBA 2017 Benjamin Ostrow MBA 2017 John Pollock, CFA MBA 2017 Abheek Bhattacharya MBA 2018 Matthew Mann, CFA MBA 2018 Adam Schloss, CFA MBA 2018 Visit us at: Rupal Bhansali Jared Friedberg ’99 Rupal Bhansali of Ariel Investments Rupal J. Bhansali is executive vice president of Ariel Investments, a money management firm headquartered in (Continued on page 15) Jared Friedberg of Mercator Jared Friedberg is the Founder & Portfolio Manager of the Mercator Fund and the Managing Partner of Sycale Advisors. Jared was previously Co- Founder and (Continued on page 44) Simeon Wallis of ValorBridge Partners ValorBridge Partners, a private holding company founded in 2004, owns, operates or is an active investor in several private companies; it is also a passive investor Rolf Heitmeyer Charles Studness PhD ’63 Simeon Wallis (Continued on page 23) Studness Capital Management Roy Studness ’06 Charles began his career teaching (Continued on page 51)

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