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Work programme 2017


Area Medium-term

Area Medium-term objective No Initiative(s) Start End Priority Performance indicator(s) recommendations in the above EMA- EFSA opinion drafted - second report with EFSA and ECDC on consumption of antimicrobial agents and occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from humans and foodproducing animals prepared - opinion on indicators regarding surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial consumption in humans and food-producing animals prepared Risk to the environment Effectively manage risks to the environment arising from the use of veterinary medicines 2.4-6 Develop a strategic approach to persistent bioaccumulative and toxic substances within the authorisation procedure for veterinary medicinal products 2.4-7 Develop a guideline on risk assessment of veterinary medicinal products in groundwater 2.4-8 Provide advice to the Commission with respect to veterinary medicines in relation to the preparation of their strategic approach to management of the presence of pharmaceutical substances in water 2014 2017 Medium - first draft of document published for consultation/adoption 2013 2018 High - finalised guideline adopted by CVMP 2015 2018 High - advice provided to the Commission Work programme 2017 EMA/583016/2016 Page 28/123

Support increased availability of 2.4-9 Work with the European Surveillance 2016 2020 Medium - initial review of human Availability of veterinary medicines veterinary medicines Strategy Group to review the existing approaches/systems for managing shortages of essential human medicines for relevance and adaptation to the veterinary domain approaches/systems conducted Work programme 2017 EMA/583016/2016 Page 29/123