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Work programme 2017


Area Medium-term

Area Medium-term objective No Initiative(s) Start End Priority Performance indicator(s) 3.3-2 Implement an Agency-wide structure for public hearings 2016 2020 High - public hearings for safety-related referrals implemented and lessons learned incorporated 3.3-3 Upgrade the EMA corporate website 2016 2020 High - EMA corporate website upgraded 3.3-4 Develop and implement a social media strategy 2016 2020 High - implementation of the approved strategy 3.3-5 Expand the range of digital and multimedia communication tools 2016 2020 High - increased production of material with new communication tools Ensure effective and consistent 3.3-6 Review and improve as needed the 2016 2020 High - all information for patients Cross-EU communication about medicines communication about medicines information on medicines for stakeholders, in particular information for patients and healthcare professionals 3.3-7 Capture communication needs and expectations of partners and stakeholders 3.3-8 Explore additional ways to assess the impact of EMA communications 3.3-9 Advance the development of the European Medicines Web Portal systematically user-tested - simplification of EMA information to patients and healthcare professionals agreed and implemented - all EPAR summaries available in all EU languages at time of their publication 2016 2020 High - biennial perception survey implemented and analysed 2016 2020 High - dedicated workshop with HCIN planned and organised 2016 2020 High - European Medicines Web Portal launched Work programme 2017 EMA/583016/2016 Page 34/123

Health emergencies and emerging events Improve communication on health emergencies 3.3-10 Improve coordination of communication on emergency health threats across the network 2016 2020 High - crisis communication strategy endorsed and implemented - report on coordination of safety announcements finalised and improvements implemented Objective 4: Strengthen the links with other authorities and with stakeholders Area Medium-term objective No Initiative(s) Start End Priority Performance indicator(s) Increase collaboration with 3.4-1 Establish a framework for monitoring 2017 2019 High - availability and implementation of other EU decentralised agencies the safety and effectiveness of framework vaccines, in collaboration with ECDC and the Member States - number of benefit-risk profile updates achieved - final output from ADVANCE project - final proposals to the EC Collaboration with partners Strengthen collaboration with EDQM 3.4-2 Strengthen cooperation with other EU agencies in areas of common interest, taking into account memoranda of understanding where they exist 3.4-3 Extend the scope of collaboration in the area of sampling and testing as part of the renewal of the contract 2016 2020 Medium - mapping of areas of common interest completed - existing memoranda of understanding reviewed and updated, taking into account such mapping exercise 2017 2018 Medium - extended scope achieved and implemented - number of medicinal products/APIs included in the sampling and testing programme Work programme 2017 EMA/583016/2016 Page 35/123

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