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Work programme 2017


Performance indicators

Performance indicators Results Targets 2014 2015 2016 2017 Scientific advice/protocol assistance procedures completed 99% 100% 99.5% 100% within regulatory timeframes Products included in PRIME scheme (% of applications) 17.9% 20% Orphan designation opinions delivered within the legal 100% 100% 100% timeframe PDCO opinions sent to applicants within legal timelines 99.7% 99.7% 99.5% 100% Increase in scientific-advice requests 17% -8% 14% 0% SME requests for SA (% of total SA requests) 32% 30% 30% Additional objectives and activities In addition to delivering its regular pre-authorisation activities for human medicinal products, the Agency plans to undertake and progress the following additional activities: Medium-term objective MAWP initiative Activity description Timeframe Start End Facilitate research and development of new medicines Ensure needs of specific populations are met, including elderly, children, patients with 1.3-5 Identify areas in need of further research and communicate it to funding bodies (e.g. IMI, Horizon 2020) to stimulate targeted research projects Identify recurring questions in areas of highest potential benefit from science and innovation and develop the relevant Q&A or regulatory guidance documents Based on the horizon scanning activities and gaps identified, organise workshops with key opinion leaders and innovators, and involving NCAs, to address specific areas for innovation 1.3-8 Strengthen collaboration and integration across the Network and with academia to facilitate translation of innovation into medicinal products, including through the work undertaken by the Innovation Network 3.1-1 Use business forecasting and analysis tools to better inform the EU Network about past and prospective development and improve regulatory preparedness 3.2-2 Establish a platform to review and explore opportunities for optimising activities and procedures during the development phase 1.1-8 Hold an industry platform meeting focused on changes to the interpretation of the orphan legislation due to the new Notice from the EC Before After 2015 2017 2015 After 2018 Q2 2016 After 2017 2016 Continuo us 2015 After 2018 2017 After 2018 2017 2017 Work programme 2017 EMA/583016/2016 Page 46/123

Medium-term objective MAWP initiative Activity description Timeframe Start End rare diseases and others Improve cooperation with partners (e.g. HTA bodies, European networks, international partners) throughout the product lifecycle Reduce time-to-patient of medicines through use of existing and new assessment approaches within existing legal Implement the revised interpretation of the Q3 2016 Q2 2017 orphan legislation (via the Notice), including update guidance documents and website Optimise applicant submissions for Q3 2016 Q2 2017 maintenance of orphan designation through introduction of pre-assessment review meetings 1.1-5 Implement EMA geriatric medicines strategy 2015 2017 1.1-6 Provide feedback to the EC regarding their 2016 2018 10-year report on the paediatric regulation. Ensure interaction with FDA and other regulators regarding future scientific and regulatory challenges Contribute to the activities of the International Neonatal Consortium (INC) 2015 After 2018 Complete EMA contribution to FP-7 financed 2015 2017 projects Inspire, Asterix and Ideal on small population research methodology, and foster dissemination and application of the project results Contribute scientifically to methodological aspects of drug development for paediatric Before 2015 After 2018 rare diseases, particularly for rare inborn metabolic disorders 1.1-6 3.1-3 Develop and provide up-to-date training in Paediatric Medicines development for the EU- NTC. Develop and implement strategy for regular update of the training 2016 2017 1.1-8 Complete the pilot of rare disease cluster with FDA and conduct lessons learnt 2016 2017 1.2-3 Contribute to the activities of EUnetHTA under Before 2020 Joint Action 3, particularly to selected 2015 activities in work packages 4 (joint production) and 5 (evidence generation), including exploring opportunities for collaboration through observership at relevant discussions 1.2-3 Develop and deliver a joint EMA/EUnetHTA 2016 2020 work plan covering the areas from horizon scanning, pre-and post-licensing evidence generation as well as market entry 1.2-2 Build Network capacity to support accelerated 2016 2018 development pathways (including PRIME), with a focus on quality aspects on critical development path Work programme 2017 EMA/583016/2016 Page 47/123

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