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Health Edge Consumables Brochure

Tray Tags Re-usable Tray

Tray Tags Re-usable Tray Tags Tray Tags provide a useful means of labelling items and allow easy identification of sets and instruments • 15 colours • Re-useable • Latex free • Auto-claveable, with an area for barcode or manual label • Can be supplied blank or with a white, polyester gloss printed label Xmas Tree Tags Single use Tags Single use disposable tag for labelling and tagging instruments & trays PLASTIC TRAY TAGS PRODUCT CODES TAG/011 White 110mm x 38mm TAG/012 Tan 110mm x 38mm TAG/013 Yellow 110mm x 38mm TAG/014 Orange 110mm x 38mm TAG/015 Red 110mm x 38mm TAG/016 Dark Blue 110mm x 38mm TAG/017 Green 110mm x 38mm TAG/018 Light Grey 110mm x 38mm TAG/019 Purple 110mm x 38mm TAG/020 Black 110mm x 38mm TAG/021 Pink 110mm x 38mm TAG/022 Light Green 110mm x 38mm TAG/023 Light Blue 110mm x 38mm TAG/024 Dark Grey 110mm x 38mm TAG/025 Brown 110mm x 38mm TAG/011/P to TAG/025/P Coloured 110mm x 38mm plastic tray tag with printed label. Please specify colour of tray tag when ordering. See colour codes above. Stainless Steel Key Ring for attaching Tray Tags XMAS TREE PRODUCT CODES XT001 Xmas Tree Tags - White Box 1000 XT002 Xmas Tree Tags - Red Box 1000 XT003 Xmas Tree Tags - Yellow Box 1000 XT004 Xmas Tree Tags - Green Box 1000 XT005 Xmas Tree Tags - Blue Box 1000 XT006 Xmas Tree Tags - Orange Box 1000 XT007 Xmas Tree Tags - Grey Box 1000 XT008 Xmas Tree Tags - Pink Box 1000 KEY RING PRODUCT CODE TTR1 Stainless Steel Key Rings Box 25 HEALTH 16 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

Cable Tie For permanent securing of tags to trays. • Withstands high temperatures • Will last the life of tags and trays • Easy to use • Available in five different colours • Supplied in packs of 100 • Available in 2 sizes • Latex Free PRODUCT CODES CAB/001C 8” Cable Ties Clear Pack 100 CAB/001B 8” Cable Ties Blue Pack 100 CAB/001G 8” Cable Ties Green Pack 100 CAB/001R 8” Cable Ties Red Pack 100 CAB/001Y 8” Cable Ties Yellow Pack 100 CAB/002C 4” Cable Ties Clear Pack 100 CAB/002B 4” Cable Ties Blue Pack 100 CAB/002G 4” Cable Ties Green Pack 100 CAB/002R 4” Cable Ties Red Pack 100 CAB/002Y 4” Cable Ties Yellow Pack 100 HEALTH 17 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

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