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Instru Protector For

Instru Protector For Protecting the user, sharp and fragile instruments, and sterilisation packaging material during a sterilisation process. Every instrument protector has a batch number printed on the back. Instru Protector Small The Instru Protector Small is suitable for small critical surgical instruments e.g. needles and scissors. Instru Protector Medium The Instru Protector Medium is suitable for larger instruments e.g. scissors, chisels, etc. PRODUCT CODES 3FSZB730802 Instru Protector Small 50 x 125mm Box 100 3FSZB730804 Instru Protector Medium 82 x 164mm Box 100 HEALTH 22 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

Seal Check For testing the efficiency of your heat sealer. The Interster Seal Check ® is a standardised test method in accordance with ISO 11607-2 and can be used for all sterilisation pouches in combination with a sealing machine with a rotating printing wheel. The Seal Check ® indicates a successful seal and also indicates various sealing problems. Sterilisation pouches are made of medical grade paper and a laminate. This laminate consists of two or more film layers with different melting grades. Upon sealing the sterilisation pouch, the film layer that is closest to the paper will melt first and will result in adhesion within the paper, which produces a clear and even seal. Should the other (outer) film layer also melt, the risk of pinholes exists and the pouch will no longer present a barrier to micro-organisms. A good sealing machine is adjusted in such a way that only the interior film layer of the pouch will melt. The pressure with which the melted film is applied to the paper during the sealing process is critical. If a pouch is not sealed correctly, there will be no barrier to micro-organisms and no sterility. The correct way to position the Seal Check ® in the laminate pouch. 1. Incorrect wheel pressure 2. Wrong temperature 3. Correct seal The secret of the Interster Seal Check ® The Seal Check ® is manufactured in a width of 175mm, measuring the total turn of the sealing wheel. The Seal Check ® contains no chemical ingredients. It has three essential properties: the quality of the paper, the (patented) printing pattern and the contrast. With a correct blending of the interior laminate film and the correct pressure on the paper, the seal of the Seal Check® will be evident. An incorrect temperature or pressure will be visible on the Seal Check®. Quality control during the production process is essential and gives the reliability that is required. PRODUCT CODE 3FSZB830802 Interster Seal Check Box 250 HEALTH 23 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

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