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Health Edge Consumables Brochure

Welcome to our new look

Welcome to our new look catalogue for 2016/17. I am excited to offer you a range of new products to complement our existing range and to assist you with your needs and requirements. For further information on any of our products, please contact our Account Managers below who will be delighted to help you. 01454 322777 / Stuart Fluck Director of Consumables Helen Edwards Central England Account Manager Jamie Thomas Wales Account Manager Stuart Fluck Consumables Director Lawrence Reid London & South East Anglia Account Manager Sue Walker Consumables Administrator Contents Page Masking Tape 1 Autoclave Tape 2 Autoclave Test Pack 3 DCPD-3 4 - 5 Washer Disinfector Loggers 6 Medi-Check 7 ATP Monitoring 8 Test InstruSponges 9 InstruSponges Flexible 10 InstruSponges Rigid 11 Labels 12 Label Carriers 13 Padlocks 14 Printer Rolls & Cartridges 15 Tray Tags & Xmas Tree Tags 16 Cable Ties 17 Unisepta Foam 18 Unisepta Wipes 19 Face Shield 20 Steam Emulating Indicator Type 6 21 Instru Protector 22 Interster Seal Check 23 Liquid Control Dye Test 24 Sterilisation Environment Utility Marker 25 Baskets & Containers 26 - 27 Warwick Range 1 - 18 B & H Surgical Instruments 1 - 34 HEALTH S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

Masking Tape An economic solution for the secure wrapping of materials during a sterilisation process. • For use with fabric and disposable wraps • Latex free • Available in cream 48mm wide • Available in blue 24mm wide Multi reel tape dispenser suitable for • 2 x 24mm x 60m rolls • 1 x 48mm x 60m roll • Can be fastened to a bench top or used freestanding • Cutting blade is replaceable • Made from high grade metal and contains no sand or granules PRODUCT CODES 9112-03 Masking Tape Blue (24mm x 50m) Box 36 rolls 9112-002 Masking Tape Cream (48mm x 50m) Box 24 rolls G25/747326 Tape Dispenser HEALTH 1 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

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