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Health Edge Consumables Brochure

Our 5 Star Guarantee to

Our 5 Star Guarantee to You We are proud of our reputation for supplying high quality plastic medical devices to healthcare professionals around the world. We are committed to delivering a 5 Star Service to you – first time, every time. We guarantee our products will always perform. We understand your customer needs a product that performs to the high standards expected from medical devices today – which is why all our products are designed to conform with the very stringent quality standards that healthcare professionals face every day. We guarantee to replace any of our products if your customer is ever dissatisfied with any of them. Or if you prefer, we will offer you a full refund. We guarantee to deliver when you want it. When you place an order with us, we understand you need it delivered promptly. That is why we guarantee that once your order is confirmed, it will be packed and ready for despatch within 5 business days for overseas customers and within 2 business days for UK customers. Should we miss our despatch deadline, we will give you a £20 voucher towards your next order. We guarantee we will always be here to help you. When you contact us, we understand you will need a fast response. That is why we guarantee to respond to all enquiries and requests within a maximum of 1 business day – if not sooner. We guarantee to give you perfect paperwork every time. We understand you don’t want to waste time dealing with errors on orders and invoices. That is why we guarantee that should you ever find an error on our paperwork, we will correct it by the next working day. If we don’t, we’ll discount the item by 10%. We guarantee to deliver your products in perfect condition. We understand when your products arrive you need them to be in perfect condition ready for your customer. That is why we guarantee if you ever receive a broken or damaged product, we will replace it free of charge and refund you 50% of the original cost. CUSTOMER & PRODUCT INFORMATION PRODUCTS & CATALOGUE CONTENTS Would you like to know more about our Products, Customer Service and Quality Management? Take a look at our website Visit our website to see our full product range, download our product catalogue, and for news and updates on product and service developments. You can also view our short, informative videos on how to process our products through the Decontamination Cycle and download copies of all our Compliance Certification. Warwick Range Autoclavable, Re-usable Polypropylene Long-life Products for CSSD, Operating Rooms and Surgery Instrument Trays & Lids Mesh & Perforated Instrument Trays & Lids DIN Style & Compartment Trays Silicone Protection Disinfection Sets Medical Boxes & Tags Gallipots & Lotion Bowls Kidney Dishes, Jugs & Theatre Bowls SteriLite Range Single-use Range of Polypropylene Products for Sterilisation by Autoclaving, ETO and Gas Plasma Medicine Measures, Gallipots, Sponge & Theatre Bowls Kidney Dishes, Quiver & Jug Compartment & Packing Trays Spa Range Daily Living Aids, Ward and Nursing Products to Improve Hygiene, Recovery and Patient Comfort Urinal Bottles & Pans Bedpans, Commode Pans & Bidets Drinking Beakers, Cups & Lids Medicine Measures, Jugs & Ward Products Product Processing & Technical Information 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 2

8 12 6 3 5 7 10 11 1 2 9 4 Instrument Trays & Lids The Warwick Range of autoclavable instrument trays and lids. No Product Code Description Dimensions Features include strengthened sides, flat and ribbed base, tag hole for tray tags. 1 2 IT1813 IT1913 Instrument tray, solid plain base Instrument tray, solid plain base 181x134x54mm 195x135x23mm Small trays suitable for ophthalmic, chiropody and dental sets and small procedure trays. 3 4 T2015 IT2015 Instrument tray, solid plain base Instrument tray, solid ribbed base 200x150x51mm 200x150x51mm Large trays suitable for general use in surgical sets including heavy orthopaedic. 5 6 IT2715 T3025 Instrument tray, solid plain base Instrument tray, solid plain base 270x150x30mm 300x250x52mm 7 IT3025 Instrument tray, solid ribbed base 300x250x52mm 8 IT4030 Instrument tray, solid ribbed base 424x305x75mm 9 ITL181 Lid for IT1813 10 ITL201 Lid for IT2015 and T2015 11 ITL271 Lid for IT2715 12 ITL302 Lid for IT3025 and T3025 Tray tag hole For silicone and tray tags please see pages 6 and 8 3 Warwick Range

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