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Health Edge Consumables Brochure

4 5 3 1 2 6 7 Medical

4 5 3 1 2 6 7 Medical Boxes & Tags Medical boxes for containing sterile or non-sterile instruments and equipment during transportation. IBX2718 and IBXN290 are autoclavable polypropylene. MB2318 is non-autoclavable ABS plastic, maximum temperature 90 o C. No 1 2 Product Code IBX2718 IBXV2718 Description Blue instrument box with plain lid Blue instrument box with vented lid Dimensions 257x180x128mm 257x180x128mm Tray tags to monitor surgical sets through the decontamination cycle. Autoclavable, with area for barcode or manual label. Attachment ring also available. 3 4 IBXN290 MB2318 Natural instrument box with lid Orange transportation box with hinged lid, carrying handle, closing latch and hole for padlock or tamper tag 300x224x140mm 230x170x200mm 5 MB2318G Green transportation box with hinged lid, carrying handle, closing latch and hole for padlock or tamper tag 230x170x200mm 6 TAG- 010 TAG- 015 TAG- 020 TAG- 022 TAG- 025 TAG- 030 TAG- 050 TAG- 055 TAG- 060 TAG- 065 TAG- 070 White Tray tag, autoclavable. Can be Yellow attached to tray with stainless steel Blue ring Light Green Orange Red Green Grey Lavender Tan Black 105x40mm 7 TR30 Stainless steel attachment ring 30mm Warwick Range 8

8 7 12 6 3 5 11 2 4 10 1 9 Gallipots & Lotion Bowls Autoclavable gallipots and lotion bowls. Everyday accessories for general use in theatres, surgical procedures, outpatient departments and clinics. No 1 Product Code GP40 Description Gallipot Capacity 35ml Dimensions 40x30mm Non drip, strengthened design for secure grip, with anti vacuum pips. 2 3 GP60 GP80 Gallipot Gallipot 95ml 280ml 60x40mm 80x60mm 4 SB140 Sponge bowl/gallipot, flat base 300ml 140x65mm 5 LB100 Lotion bowl graduated 280ml 100x45mm 6 LB150 Lotion bowl graduated 900ml 150x70mm 7 LB200 Lotion bowl graduated 2000ml 200x90mm 8 LB250 Lotion bowl graduated 3000ml 250x105mm 9 GPLB60 Gallipot, flat base 50ml 60x40mm 10 GPLB80 Gallipot, flat base 200ml 80x60mm 11 GPLB100 Lotion bowl, flat base 300ml 100x45mm 12 GPLB150 Lotion bowl, flat base 500ml 150x70mm 9 Warwick Range

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