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Health Edge Consumables Brochure

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13 11 9 12 10 8 7 6 2 4 5 1 3 Kidney Dishes, Jugs & Theatre Bowls Autoclavable kidney dishes, jugs and theatre bowls. Everyday accessories for general use in theatres, surgical procedures, outpatient departments and clinics. No 1 Product Code KD150 Description Kidney dish, no graduations Capacity 300ml Dimensions 150x35mm Non drip, strengthened design for secure grip. 2 3 KD200 KD250 Kidney dish, graduated to 300ml Kidney dish, graduated to 600ml 500ml 750ml 200x45mm 250x55mm 4 KDY250 Kidney dish, yellow, graduated to 600ml 750ml 250x55mm 5 KD300 Kidney dish, graduated to 1500ml 1500ml 300x65mm 6 KDT185 Shallow kidney dish tray 185x92mm 7 JG500 Hotstrong jug, natural 500ml 8 JG1000 Hotstrong jug, natural or blue 1000ml 9 JG2000 Hotstrong jug, natural 2000ml 10 WB3112 Blue washbowl, graduated to 2000ml 3000ml 310x105mm 11 WBN3112 Natural washbowl, graduated to 2000ml 3000ml 310x105mm 12 WB3513 Blue washbowl, graduated to 5000ml 5000ml 350x120mm 13 WBN3513 Natural washbowl, graduated to 5000ml 5000ml 350x120mm Warwick Range 10

9 8 7 6 4 5 3 2 1 Single Use Medicine Measures, Gallipots, Sponge & Theatre Bowls Single-use medicine measures, gallipots, sponge bowls and theatre bowls for use in custom packs and disposable sets. Can be sterilised by ETO, hydrogen plasma or autoclave. No 1 2 Product Code MMS50 MMS60 Description Medicine measure, graduated Medicine measure, graduated Capacity 50ml 60ml Dimensions 54x55mm 54x50mm 3 GPS60 Gallipot, graduated 60ml 62x30mm Steel instruments take longer to release heat. To prevent distortion, thin wall, lightweight products must be positioned away from instruments. 4 5 6 GPS120 GP100 GP130 Gallipot, graduated Gallipot, graduated Gallipot, graduated 120ml 250ml 500ml 85x30mm 100x53mm 130x66mm 7 SB170 Sponge bowl, graduated 1000ml 170x84mm 8 SB200 Sponge bowl, graduated 2000ml 210x90mm 9 TB350 Theatre bowl 5000ml 352x116mm 11 SteriLite Range

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