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DPCD-3 Professional

DPCD-3 Professional HEALTH S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D 4

DPCD-3 Professional The Digital Process Challenge Device (DPCD) is a useful device for the daily verification of the steam sterilisation process. The Digital Process Challenge Device (DPCD-3) is a stand-alone system which has been developed based on the Helix (EN 867-5). By making use of the newest and most advanced technologies, the DPCD-3 is now the most compact digital Helix, and the only digital Helix that meets the requirements of EN867-5. The DPCD can be used as a steam penetration test (Bowie & Dick Type) for autoclave load control with every load, and as a vacuum leak test. The DPCD-3 can be used with many sterilisation programs for example: 134° Celsius for 3.5 minutes 121° for 15 minutes 134° for 18 minutes The DPCD-3 is a unique instrument and very user-friendly. It provides the user with information about conditions inside the autoclave and displays process results accurately in the form of a PASSED or FAILED signal and graphical charts. Every second, the device measures the exact physical parameters in the Helix and the autoclave by means of electronic temperature sensors, electronic pressure sensors and time registration. After use the DPCD-3 cools down quickly and can be reused after 15 minutes. The DPCD-3 results conform to EN 285, EN-ISO 11140, EN 867-5, EN-ISO 17665-1 and EN 13060. Technical data: Helix: Complies with EN 867-5 Temp. sensor: Pt 1000 (2x) Temp. accuracy: 0.1 °C Work temperature and range: 0 °C - 150 °C Storage temperature: 0 °C - 60 °C Pressure accuracy: 15 mbar Pressure range: 0 – 3500 mbar Display: 0.1 °C Endurance: 500 cycles Communication protocol: GIMP protocol Measuring capacity: 6960 measuring values per cycle Battery: Lithium 3.6 V (replaceable) Registration: Max. 2 hours Housing: Peek Housing of the logger: Stainless Steel Size: 9 x 11 cm Weight: 520 grams Calibration Certificate: Conforms to ISO 10012 PRODUCT CODES 3FSKS635805 DPCD-3 Professional Kit Box 1 3FSK5635801 Subsequent Logger Box 1 The graph shows the temperature in the chamber, in the helix and the theoretical temperature. Beside that, the pressure is shown. HEALTH 5 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

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