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SketchUp 2017 is here!

SketchUp 2017 is here! The smartest SketchUp yet. E: T: 01844 263750

Contact Elmtec , Sketchups ’ distribution Partner in the UK Transparency We’ve ma ade big improvement to transparency, which sh ould now render faster and at high quality to o. SketchUp is also now much better at displayin g multiple transparencie es to provide a more re ealistic sense of depth across several see-throu ugh faces. Graph ics Pipeline 2.0 In this re lease, we’ve made major improvem ments to our graphics pi peline, allowing for performance improv vements. Now, Ske etchUp, 3D Warehouse, LayOut, My SketchUp p, and Trimble Connect all render models using the same under-the-hood e-hood algorithm ms – all tuned for buttery 3D orbiting. There’s more! • • Lay yOut Tables; manage spre eadsheets in LayOut • Hig h Fidelity .DWG – fo or easier exporting • Exte ension Manager High DPI Modeling We’ve tun ned snapping and infere encing for high Edge wei ghts have also been smart-scaled. You can back away from your screen now... Perpen ndicular Face Inferencing Have you mastered parallel infer encing? We’ve added a ‘Perpendicular to Face’ inference. Hover a face; SketchUp will helpfully snap to its perpendicular. W:

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