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STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SOFTWARE Today’s engineers need to do more, do it faster, and with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before. For structural engineers working on buildings, bridges and tensile structures, a comprehensive design program is needed – GSA is the right solution. Finite Element Analysis Dynamic Analysis Structural Optimisation Complex Geometry Download your free 30-day trial from our site today P-Delta Analysis Footfall Analysis Steel Design Concrete Design +44(0) 191 238 7559 Form Finding & Fabric Analysis Soil Structure Interaction

BIM in Structural Engineering Software working together to produce award-winning structures Oasys GSA-user Buro Happold Engineering’s work to expand the South Stand at Manchester City Football Etihad Stadium was recently recognised as the best sport/leisure project in the Institution of Structural Engineer’s 2016 Structural Awards. The new 6000+ seat third tier opened in August 2015, in time for the start of the 2015–16 football season. Designed to be in keeping with the existing roof design, the South Stand project involved modifying an existing cable-net roof - while providing continued rain protection to fans. It was described by the Structural Awards judges as a most impressive response to tricky engineering challenges. Image courtesy of Arup Associates These challenges centred on the development of a new design allowing alterations to an existing clad cable-net roof with complex geometry and load paths. The designers also had to analyse the geometry of the new South Stand with the existing East and West Stands. It was in the analysis of the geometry of these stands that GSA form finding came into its own. Finding the correct geometry and prestress forces for cable nets is crucial: mistakes lead to wrinkles, flapping, and ponding problems. GSA will find the right geometry with confidence. Armed with a transition surface by the architect, Buro Happold then used Grasshopper to create a propped space-frame design with complex geometry that creates a smooth transition between the new and the old. Once the geometry was defined, Grasshopper was used within the digital BIM workflow to generate both a centre-line GSA model for optimisation and a Revit model for drawing production. Saving time and effort in an already time sensitive project. The Elizabeth Quay Bridge in Perth, Australia is part of a bold plan to revitalise the city centre, returning its focus to the Swan River and providing a world-class waterfront destination. The 1D finite element models of the bridge were parametrically generated directly from Grasshopper to Oasys GSA using Arup’s Salamander plug-in. These direct digital links provided the design team with the ability to optimise and rationalise the profiles of the complex bridge form in a very short time-frame. Oasys GSA was also used for form finding, to predict footfall induced vibration, and to work flexibly with parametric software that maintained consistency between the various models as the design progressed. The digital design workflow was a highly collaborative process and was critical in the successful delivery of the project. Image: Grasshopper visual programming producing Oasys GSA beam data The striking 22 m high, 110 m cablestayed bridge is the project’s centrepiece feature. Two 45 m spans connect in the middle, with the bridge’s arches sweeping down towards the water to rest on concrete piers supported on piles socketed into the rock bed. The curved form for the bridge deck allowed for extended, gently sloping pedestrian ramps to clear the navigation channel, requiring a mean clearance of 5.2 m. The design excellence has resulted in several prestigious award wins; Winner of the Institution of Structural Engineer’s 2016 Structural Award for Pedestrian Bridges, Engineers Australia Award for Excellence 2016 (Buildings and Structures) and an Australian Steel Institute, Steel Excellence Award 2016 (Engineering Projects). For more ong>informationong> about Oasys GSA visit: BIM in Structural Engineering Software working together to produce awardwinning structures.

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