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Contents February 2017 38 | Collaboration beyond borders: the differences in UK and US construction Jim Forrester and Paul Daynes from Newforma discuss regional variations in the UK and US construction sectors, and explain why collaboration is key 12 | £185,000,000: Is this the cost of delivering COBie UK? Paul Oakley, Director BIM at BRE talks about the cost of COBie and the challenges associated with utilising the schema 24 | Integrating data lifecycles to enable circular economy in construction PCSG Senior BIM Consultant, Steve Thompson, explains how digitalisation is opening up opportunities for a more circular economy approach 44 | Unlocking the next steps: How BIM can play a part in the heritage sector Edonis Jesus, Chair of the BIM4Heritage Group and BIM Leader, Consulting – Europe at Lendlease explains how data and heritage modelling can be used in conservation 18 | What value can BIM/Soft Landings offer the sector? Mike Packham, Partner of Bernard Williams Associates, outlines the value behind BIM/soft landings and highlights the difficulties interpreting COBie 28 | Smart Asset Management, BIM, the Internet of Things and Energy Karl Redmond, Director for EDB Architects and Lead Consultants, discusses the Smart Asset Management project and how it saves on costs while ensuring improvements 48 | BuildingSMART UKI: what’s new and what’s ahead for the next year? Nick Nisbet, Vice-Chair of BuildingSMART UKI, provides a brief update on the progress of the organisation in addition to this year’s priorities 6 | Standardised product data – the BIMHawk solution Carl Collins, CIBSE Digital Engineering Consultant, explains how BIMHawk will speed up the development and adoption of standardised product data

62 | How structural timber systems can harness the power of BIM Andrew Orriss, Board Member, Structural Timber Association (STA) outlines how BIM can be utilised by the structural timber industry 65 | BIM ensures better project delivery and industry collaboration Paul Daynes, Regional Director, UK and Northern Europe, Newforma discusses why BIM is so important and the obstacles that stand in the way of adopting it 80 | Women in Engineering: Does the government need to do more? Trimble MEP highlights why the government and industry have a responsibility to encourage more women into engineering careers 82 | BIM proficiency – the personal and professional rewards Pauline Traetto, Director of BRE Academy outlines how the organisation is helping train the next generation and why BIM proficiency is so important 68 | Data: what is it, why do we have it and what are we going to do with it? Rob Charlton, CEO, Space Group explains the importance of data in the construction environment and why it is needed to ensure the success of projects 54 | Concrete customers can benefit from new software that ensures efficiency Trimble understands how concrete customers work and is constantly developing its Tekla software to help. Ismail Makda, Business Development Manager explains 71 | Why the GTIN is important for welcoming manufacturers into the BIM world Here, coBuilder Marketing explain the importance of the GTIN in manufacturing and how this ties into the digital construction world through BIM 74 | BSI Kitemark highlights the capability of firms to deliver successful projects Andy Butterfield, Product Certification Director of Built Environment, BSI discusses the recently launched Kitemark for PAS 1192-2 Information Management

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