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Concrete customers can benefit from new software that ensures efficiency Trimble understands how concrete customers work and is constantly developing its Tekla software to help. Ismail Makda, Business Development Manager explains… Recently, Trimble added a new Formwork Placing Tool for Tekla Structures, which, with the enhanced visualisation, coordination and communication of the constructible formwork model, will allow concrete contractors to prepare the pour of concrete on site with minimal mistakes and reduced risks. The new tool handles pours and allows effective management of all pour-related ong>informationong> including formwork placement – and thanks to the advanced technology, model-based formwork planning, quantification and coordination is now faster, easier and more flexible than ever. Ismail Makda Business Development Manager 54 Tool creates efficiency The new tool is not based on a particular formwork system; instead, ready-made system formwork components are available, which can be matched to, and used with any formwork inventory. The combination of the new tool, along with the pour and concrete geometry within Tekla models, allows placing various system elements such as wall panels, formwork corners, ties, clamps and fillers easier and faster. The new dynamic preview also means that you will see exactly what you are getting when planning placements for different components. It is also simple to modify the plan and make the inevitable changes. What’s more, customers can customise the rules for automated placement and material quantification, which will improve efficiency further. The new Formwork Placing Tool is now available to download in Tekla Warehouse, alongside PERI’s 3D components of two of its most popular formwork systems, and DOKA’s 3D components for its wall and floor systems. Benefits Although Tekla Structures offers many benefits for those working with cast-in-place (CIP) concrete, it can also help precast manufacturers and contractors too. In fact, one of Ireland’s leading precast concrete manufacturer’s, O’Reilly Concrete, incorporated Tekla software within its business over ten years ago and has been saving an impressive amount of time and money since. Richard Kowalski, Technical Director at O’Reilly Concrete, said: “Prior to incorporating Tekla software within the business, we employed traditional 2D design methods; these were slow and time-consuming. We used 2D CAD software for fabrication drawings, which meant that there was no link between GA drawings and individual cast unit drawings. Any alterations made in the general design had to be changed manually on the production drawings – and any late changes made to a design from the architects or engineers resulted in mistakes and time delays. Continued on page 56…

From design to reality Woonzorgcentrum De Polbeek (Holland) Tekla Structures is intelligent 3D modelling software designed to help you deliver all types of precast concrete elements at the right time to the right place. Integrating design and detailing with manufacture, project management and efficient ong>informationong> sharing Tekla Structures can do it all. Together we are shaping a smarter future for construction. TRANSFORMING THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS