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data and to compare products from a variety of manufacturers on a like-for-like basis to make the specification process easier and quicker. As such, BIMHawk becomes a catalogue of manufacturers’ catalogues. The next iteration of the plug-in will bring the values from the PDS into the BIM model. This will allow designers to look through the datasheets of different manufacturers to see which products are the best fit for a particular design concept and import the data on the size and performance characteristics of that product. Carl Collins, CIBSE Digital Engineering Consultant platform neutral language called Industry Foundation Classes, which allows a model to be exchanged from one platform to another. To do this, BIM systems require that each individual object parameter must be created with a common globally unique identifier (known as a GUID). When individual parameters are created within BIMHawk, the software performs a dynamic check with the BuildingSMART Data Dictionary to see if the parameter name has been defined previously. If it has the GUID is extracted and used within BIMHawk, so manufacturers don’t have to bother looking up parameters in the BuildingSMART dictionary. If no such entry exists, BIMHawk generates its own definition and associated GUID. Once GUIDs are mapped to parameters in BIMHawk they remain consistent. BIMHawk tools for outputting PDTs in XML (the common language for the exchange of documents over the internet) or generating Revit shared parameter files utilise these consistent GUIDs. When a manufacturer populates a PDT with product specific data, it is called a Product Data Sheet (PDS). A PDS is a digital description of a specific product. Manufacturers can upload their product data sheets to BIMHawk. This will enable consultants, contractors and commissioning engineers to access standardised “BIM is supposed to make the construction process better, faster and cheaper, but often these bespoke product models suffered from flaws which limited compatibility and interoperability between BIM modelling platforms. CIBSE was quick to recognise that without agreed industry product standards there would be no consistency in manufacturers’ data so many of the benefits of BIM would fail to be realised.” With the launch of BIMHawk, CIBSE will help to speed up the development, dissemination and adoption of standardised product data. This will be a massive step forward in enabling collaborative working, enabling the exchange of data and ong>informationong> throughout the project lifecycle in a consistent manner, something that until now has been sadly missing. To find out more go to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carl Collins Digital Engineering Consultant CIBSE Tel: +44 (0)20 8675 5211 8

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