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ADWISE LOCAL is the perfect place to advertise your business with a distribution of 9,000 magazines delivered locally in Middleton, Heywood and Prestwich, with an estimated readership of 22,500 people giving your business the exposure it needs. No need to worry if you don’t have the information available for your advert, as we can mock something up for you to approve with every ad booked. Our high quality design service will ensure your business is seen in the best light possible. The magazine is distributed freely throughout Middleton, Heywood and Prestwich.


SPRING IS IN THE AIR TIME FOR CREATING SOME GARDEN FLAIR THE WEATHER IS HOPEFULLY IMPROVING, THE SOIL IS GETTING WARMER AND THE SIGHT OF YELLOW DRIFTS OF DAFFODILS GREETS THE SPRING. THE GARDENING SEASON NOW GETS BUSIER AND BUSIER. JOBS FOR MARCH … GREENHOUSE X Start off many seedlings including annuals, summer vegetables like Lettuce, Cabbage and Beetroot. SEEDS & BABY PLANTS X Baby plants now available in hundreds of varieties ready to grow on. X Sow annual & perennials seeds now – many varieties for wonderful spring & summer colour. AVAILABLE IN STORE X Plant Now – Spring flowering bulbs ready growing in pots such as Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips, Snowdrops, Eranthus, Frittilaria. X Summer flowering bulbs (Begonias, Gladioli, Lillies & Dahlia) ready to be planted. X A huge range of seed trays and containers available for sowing through to potting up. X Garden furniture and barbecues take centre stage FRUIT & VEGETABLES X Vegetable plants available to grow are nowTomatoes, peppers, chillies, and much more X Plant now from a full range of bush fruit & fruit trees. X Mulch or manure any fruit beds that you have. BABY PLANTS X We have a massive selection of home grown flowers for spring baskets and containers. FLOWERS X Prune your roses. X Cut back and clean up winter flowering heathers. X Hebe’s need checking over after the winter frosts. X After all the rain washing through the soil over the winter months, feed all borders now with chicken manure or fish, blood and bone and or mulch with farmyard manure. X Plant perennials & alpines in borders, rockeries, troughs & walls. JOBS FOR APRIL … Spring is finally here – and the sight of Forsythia, Camellias, Magnolias and other spring flowers are at their beautiful peak. Now is a good time to do certain jobs that will help cut down on maintenance for the rest of the year. The garden centre is now bulging at the sides with everything for the garden. GREENHOUSE X A busy time for sowing all sorts in a heated greenhouse, including Tomatoes, Peppers, marrows and other vegetable seeds. X Pot up cutting of fuchsias and Geraniums. X Buy some baby plants from our fantastic selection, to grow on for your baskets and tubs this Summer. 26 To advertise contact us on 01706 353 729 or email

LAWNS X Apply Spring lawn fertiliser. X Treat with moss killer. X Rake out debris (thatch) if you didn’t get change last September. X Apply grass seed to bare patches. FRUIT X It’s a great time to plant trees and bushes as the centre is fully stocked. X Plant out Strawberries and Rhubarb now. X Start to spray Apples and Pears to deter pests and diseases. X Mulch with manure. VEGETABLES X Sow many vegetable varieties. X Plant out onion sets and potatoes. X Many herbs and vegetable plants are available now. SEEDS X Many varieties of hardy annuals can now be sown outside. See our range of seeds from Johnsons and Country Value. FLOWERS X Plant trees and shrubs. X Hardy perennials and herbaceous plants can now be planted. X Prune back late flowering shrubs like buddleia, Lavatera, Clematis, Lavender and Rosemary. X Start spraying roses to keep on top of pests and diseases. X Plant alpines out now choose from our wide selection. JOBS FOR MAY … May is probably the best month in the garden as everything starts to take shape, especially the perennials that begin to fill the borders again. Late Spring blossoming trees provide colour and lots of planting and care can get under way. PONDS X Start to feed fish this month. X Clean out pumps & filters regularly and keep them running. X Plant out aquatic plants in baskets from our selection. LAWNS X Lay new turf – on sale now. X Mow the lawn, weekly if required. X Apply Spring lawn feeds & weed killer, if needed. FLOWERS The garden centre is bulging at the sides with trees shrubs, flowers, fruit and vegetables ready to be planted now. X Harden off bedding plants in a cold frame or put outside in the day and bring inside at night. X Beware of slugs! X Purchase from our home grown range of annual hanging basket plants and plant up your own baskets and tubs but keep in the greenhouse till frosts have gone (fee leaflet in store). X Feed flower borders with chicken manure or rose feed. FRUIT X Plant all types of tree & bush fruit now. X Harvest Rhubarb. X Spray fungicide for mildew, especially Gooseberries and for Peach leaf curl. X Mulch Strawberries to keep off pests. GENERAL TASKS X Feed everywhere to put nutrients back into the oil, after the rainy seasons we have had. X Plant out Rhododendrons and Roses now. X Cover particular plants with fleece at sign of frost, e.g. X Acers, Pieris and bedding plants. HAPPY GARDENING Feature courtesy of ALLINONE Garden Centre Rochdale Road \ Middleton \ M24 2RB \ Tel: 01706 711711 GREENHOUSE X Plant out Tomatoes in an unheated greenhouse. X Continue to sow hardy annuals & vegetable seeds. X Prick out seedlings as they grow. X Buy a greenhouse from our range and have it assembled now. VEGETABLES X Sow many vegetable varieties now. X Plant out vegetable plants but protect from cold and slugs. X Keep the weeds down between rows. X Earth up Early Potatoes. \ \ twitter: @adwiselocal \ Instagram: @adwiselocal 27

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