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HEALTH & WELLNESS ON THE NORTH ISLAND EXECUTIVE CHEF JAMES CLARKE Mount Washington Alpine Resort KEALY DONALDSON It’s been a season of changes for Mount Washington Alpine Resort: new owners, renovations, bike park re-opening, and incredible snow. A group sales manager has been added to the team and there’s a new Executive Chef, James Clarke. Chef Clarke isn’t really new to the mountain or the local culinary scene. His local experience includes work at the Kingfisher, Crown Isle and a fishing resort close to Port McNeill. “I was genuinely excited about transitioning off the hill from Operations to Food and Beverage; with the snow pack being early and plenty, I took on my Executive Chef responsibilities right away in the fall. It’s been a great season so far,” shares Chef Clarke. Renovations in the Main Lodge have created the start of the new look and feel to this busy hub. The retail store has been moved and a great food and beverage establishment, now known as Eagleview Bistro, has been created right on the corner of the building. Its alpine-contemporary feel is cozy and sets the direction for the balance of the renovations that are still to come in the Main Lodge. The Eagleview Bistro has a great menu; the panini sandwiches are extremely popular and the Green Goddess Cobb Salad is another item not to be missed. Photo Eagleview Bistro | Neil Havers “Our high volumes in the Food and Beverage department are staggering so it’s sometimes hard to source our quantities locally," Chef Clarke explains. "But all our sandwich breads come from Grains Bakery in the Comox Valley and we carry local products James Clarke like Tree Island Yogurt through our grocery store, and beef jerky from Fat Moose located in Royston. Moving forward, the Eagleview Bistro will feature more local selections.” Catering Services are also an important part of Food and Beverage up at Washington. Over 30 weddings were hosted on-site during the summer of 2016 and dozens of special events throughout the year. The resort has the most convention space north of Victoria, with over 4000 beds including the on-mountain hotels, chalets and condos. “The entire space can be transformed—every floor, every building,” notes Robyn Heron, the new Sales Manager. “Anything is possible.” With annual events like the sold-out Wine Fests and Beer Fests, Mount Washington is looking to really Photo Unique wedding experiences at Mount Washington NORTH ISLAND COMPASS | ISSUE 8

HEALTH & WELLNESS expand their conference and group sales business. “We are ramping up our off-season initiatives and building on the meeting/conference/trade show potential, pulling more tourism to the mountain and the Central-North Island,” Robyn adds. There is a lot of positive momentum on the mountain and it’s been key this season for the management and staff. let's get our KIDS MOVING! HEARTSTRONG | STEVE JOHNSON This winter season has given Mount Washington a great year for skiers and boarders alike; spring break is around the corner, promising lots of snow activities to look forward to. When the snow clears in late April, recreational activities featured on site include disc golf, mini golf, hiking, walking and mountain biking. Mountain biking is back to stay at Washington with a bigger and better summer season planned for 2017. “There’s great opportunity to bring up your families, friends and business colleagues to explore the potential for special events. We have all the amenities and services to cater to small, mid-size and large groups and we are ready to cater to this market,” Sales Manager Heron says. Chef Clarke says there's no better time to consider Mount Washington for your next convention or industry meeting. "We are able to cater directly to the clients’ requests and needs—especially when it comes to local food," he says. "This region is one of the most bountiful places for fresh and local selections. Seafood and fish are an absolute favourite of mine. I don’t think I could live anywhere else.” CHEF CLARKE’S CRAB CAKES ingredients 0.5 cup diced white onion 0.25 cup diced red pepper 0.25 cup diced green pepper 1 tbsp. vegetable oil 2 cups fine bread crumbs 1 lb Dungeness crab 1 egg 3 tbsps. Cajun seasoning (harmonic arts has a great mix) vegetable oil to fry in method Sauté onion and peppers in vegetable oil until tender. Once onions and peppers are cool, add crab meat, bread crumbs, egg, and Cajun seasoning. Mix ingredients together and form into cakes. Fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology recently released new physical activity and movement guidelines for children and youth. They focus not only on physical activity, but also on sleep and screen time as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. They summarize healthy activity in children and youth in four categories: Sweat At least 60 minutes per day of any physical activity that increases heart rate. Sports, classes, riding a bike or playing in the back yard are all great ways for kids to sweat. Step Several hours per day of physical activity and movement. The less time spent sitting, the better. Encourage your kids to play in the back yard, help around the house and move their feet as much as possible. Sleep Nine to 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep are recommended for kids 5-13. Youth aged 14-17 need eight to ten. A solid sleep will help the body rebuild and re-energize. Sit Spend as little time as possible sitting. Keep recreational screen time to less than two hours per day. Not all sitting time is created equal; reading and coloring while seated should be encouraged. Achieving the recommended sweat, step, sleep, and sit guidelines is associated with better cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal fitness, emotional regulation, quality of life and more. Although these guidelines are intended for children and youth, adults should follow the guidelines to the best of our abilities. Each day, strive to sweat more, step more, sleep more, and sit less. Read the full 24-hr movement guidelines: Additional Resource: Sophia Sauter of Active Living Physiotherapy and Sarah Wright of Heart Strong Fitness presented a community forum in Physical Literacy and Active Healthy Lifestyle in Kids on January 23 at their clinic in Willow Point. Steve is a Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer with Heart Strong Fitness | WWW.NORTHISLANDCOMPASS.CA | 21

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