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FAS DELIVERY (1986) Ltd. Locally owned for 30 years. Located in Comox, providing logistics support, same day &expedited delivery with links to sites all over the world. Fast, Affordable Shipping Solutions! TOLL FREE 1.877.FAS.DELV (877.327.3358) DISPATCH Comox Valley: 250.339.4233 DISPATCH Campbell River: 250.287.8814 ANIMAL HEALTH | DR. ALBERTO RUIZ MVZ, ESP, MSC healthy DENTAL MAINTENANCE HEALTH & WELLNESS The misconception 'if he's still eating, his teeth must be fine' often causes pets and livestock to suffer chronic oral pain. In dogs, "periodontal disease" rots away the jawbone under the gum line, resulting in oral infection, tooth loss, and even broken jaws. It can be prevented by brushing, and treated by a dental under anesthesia, where your vet scrapes and scrubs under the gum line. Unfortunately, this is not achieved in anesthesia-free dentistry—unsafe, it is not recommended. "Resorptive lesions" make holes in the teeth of many cats, exposing sensitive nerves. Usually once resorptive lesions are discovered, they are too advanced and the only option is tooth removal. Owners often report that once the offending teeth were removed their cat becomes "like a kitten again!" ROBIN’S PET SUPPLIES • All major brands! • Bathing & grooming • Grain free & holistic feeds • Special orders supplies for all pets! NORTH ISLAND COMPASS | ISSUE 8 • Port Hardy delivery at Vet Depot • Poultry & livestock custom orders • Only North Americansourced feed #18-311 HEMLOCK STREET | PORT MCNEILL, BC | 250 956 2327 Natural Gas & Propane Installation Appliance Sales - HVAC - Parts & Service 151-D Dogwood Campbell River 250.286.0718 1.888.286.0718 Asymmetrical grinding causes uneven chewing surfaces and sharp points on horses' teeth, which cut the tongue and cheeks. Uneven surfaces cause them to drop or swallow feed not properly chewed. Older horses sometimes have loose teeth requiring extraction, so ask your vet to "float" their teeth every 6-12 months; they will use a specialized instrument to grind the problem areas down, and extract loose teeth. Rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs have similar oral health issues. Guinea pig molars can trap the tongue underneath! Feed them long stemmed hay (not petstore pellets) and have a vet check and file their teeth. Llamas and Alpacas have a dental pad instead of top front teeth, and their lower front teeth may overgrow if they are not aligned properly with the pad. A veterinarian can trim the incisors when overgrown. Neglected tusks in pigs can fracture and expose the sensitive pulp inside, or grow awkwardly and curl until they pierce the pig's face. Tusks can endanger others if the pig is aggressive; a vet can trim them for safety and health reasons. If you want your animals to grow "long in the tooth," get to the "root" of the problem with the help of your vet! Dr. Alberto Ruiz MVZ, Esp, MSc | AgaveVet Mobile Care Ltd. Connect with us! 250.650.1058 | |

HEALTH & WELLNESS ON THE NORTH ISLAND NATUROPATHIC INSPIRATIONS | INGRID PINCOTT, N.D. Taking Care of your Heart February is National Heart Health month—check out the Heart and Stroke Foundation questionnaire to determine your risk. But what happens if your risk is low and you still have heart disease in your family history? We have all heard about the person who had a fatal heart attack while jogging. How did that happen? There are many parameters to look for in blood tests. If your cholesterol and blood pressure, weight and blood sugars are all normal, there are two other tests to check for inflammation of the arterial wall. Those who have a family history of heart attack and stroke often have high levels of MPO and PLA2 in their blood. Famous heart labs in the US such as the Cleveland Heart Lab and the Boston Heart Lab test for the sizes of the HDL and LDL cholesterol molecule, as the small sizes of these cholesterols lead to inflammation of the arterial wall. Lp(a) is an independent genetic risk factor. If you have a high value of this, then you need to lower other risk factors to offset risk of heart attack or stroke. You cannot lower Lp(a) with diet or exercise, but you can lower MPO and PLA2, change the sizes of your cholesterols and turn around insulin resistance. You may not have diabetes but maybe your blood sugar is creeping up beyond 6.0mmol/L and your hemoglobin A1C is also over 6. These, along with elevated triglycerides, indicate that you may be in a pre-diabetic insulin resistance phase that is treatable using naturopathic therapies. We use Spectracell LPP testing in the US as well as Lifelabs in BC to test most of these risks factors for a reasonable price. With follow up testing we see naturopathic remedies working. Exercise is most important, not only for your heart, but also for preventing Alzheimer’s Disease, reducing blood sugar and blood pressure, helping with depression and preventing osteoporosis. Strathcona Gardens offers Power Hour exercise classes for 50-70 year olds. They tailor the class difficulty to those attending; all levels are welcome. Other resources in Campbell River include classes at the Sportsplex, and training one-on-one offered by many Physiotherapy Clinics. The City of Campbell River has provided a trail map indicating the number of steps per walk in the area (Canyon View is about 6000 steps) to help you reach your goal of 10,000 steps per day. Ingrid Pincott N.D. Medically trained. Naturally focused. | 250-286-3655 March 4, 10-5 | March 5, 12-4 We are gratefully accepting donations of good quality used books. 470 ISLAND HWY WWW.NORTHISLANDCOMPASS.CA CAMPBELL RIVER | 25 250 287 3103

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