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WE’VE GROWN UP A BIT... BUT WE’RE STILL THE MOST FUN IN TOWN. JB Radiators Celebrate all year long! HELPING YOU MAKE MEMORIES (AND FORGET THEM) SINCE 1917 1500 ISLAND HWY | CAMPBELL RIVER, BC | 250 287 4515 New Owners. New Management. New Attitude. 250-287-7003 Fax: 250-287-7038 1501-A Willow St. Campbell River BC -Your North Island Industrial Cooling Experts -Repair & Recore of Industrial Rad & Coolers -All Auto, Industrial & Marine Applications CAMPBELL RIVER CABS WE GET YOU HOME SAFE... WITH A SMILE 24hr Service. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. 22-Passenger Campbell River Airport Shuttle. Monday - Friday - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday: by Appointment Jack Barnes - cell 250-830-7947 920 ISLAND HWY CAMPBELL RIVER 250-286-3554 Vancouver Island’s largest selection of NORTH ISLAND COMPASS | ISSUE 8 BOOTS BUCKLES & BELTS MOCCASINS & MUKLUKS GIFTS & SOUVENIRS Variety of colours available

Publisher’s NOTE Welcome to Issue 8 of North Island Compass! What a winter! Spring is right around the corner and we’re ready for it on the North Island. In Chinese culture this is the Year of the Fire Rooster—a year of awakening, change and forward momentum. Sounds like the Chinese New Year is bringing the seeds for planting and harvesting the great potential of this year. This issue’s theme is Harvesting & Gathering. Although spring isn’t quite here, why not take some time to reflect on harvesting knowledge and gathering information for your personal growth? If we work extremely hard, we’re told, the results will be positive and we will reap the benefits—much like with a garden. If you tend to it, you will nurture a wonderful bounty. What happens, though, when you work hard, but the bounty doesn’t surface? Perhaps it’s off in the distance. Will you stay the course and keep motivated to ensure that your hard work pays off? Please do, but remember that while sometimes course correction is needed on these journeys, you can and will reach your goal with time and persistence. We are in turbulent times now and it’s more critical than ever to have your strategy for growth and the future in place. When you’re living at the edge of the wild, that risky place of creativity and opportunity, the seeds of ideas and sustainability need to be planted to ensure a successful future for those generations to come. In this issue of North Island Compass, we connect with: It’s an exciting time for the North Island-Powell River. Let’s remember to take time to celebrate our backdrop and connect with our communities. Welcome to the North Island Compass, sharing the direction of North Island Communities. Cheers • Local wild and edible plants of the North Island • The continued success of Central Coast Commercial Fisheries Association • Heart Health through naturopathy and diet • Navigating elder care & advance care planning • Artist features with incredible local painters April White & Jill Paris-Rody Kealy Donaldson PUBLISHER " Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted. -David Bly " PUBLISHER Kealy Donaldson Kiki’s Communications Inc. GRAPHIC DESIGN Jessie Stones SALES Jme Andrew Kealy Donaldson COPY EDITOR Trevor McMonagle CONTRIBUTORS Bud Logan Wendy Johnstone Josh McInnes Glen Clark Kimberley Black, Registered Dietitian Erika Anderson, CR Museum Eiko Jones Laurie McNeill Ingrid Pincott, N.D. Steve Johnson James L. Anderson James Headrick Still In Motion Media Chad Braithwaite Dr. John Krell Annette Elliot Jme Andrew Kealy Donaldson COVER Tluu Jaad - Canoe Woman April White KIKI'S COMMUNICATIONS INC. 1691 A Willow Street Campbell River, BC V9W 3M8 250.203.1880 ISSN# 1749668 CONNECT WITH US Facebook | LinkedIn - Kealy Donaldson WWW.NORTHISLANDCOMPASS.CA | 5

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