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Undetermined Deaths in Leeds 2011-2013


Factors not explored

Factors not explored There were some factors which were not systematically explored in the audit process, but were later identified as being of potential interest. Some of these were retrospectively explored (see Table 14). This was only undertaken if all team members felt they had consistently recorded a particular factor. Some factors (such as living in a high-rise building or suicide by means of falling/ jumping from a highrise building) were not included in the data extraction template and were therefore not consistently recorded by all team members. Prior to starting the data collection process, considerable time was spent reflecting on the data to collect from the Coroner’s records. It is unfortunate that additional factors became of interest at a later date; however, reflecting on these factors will help inform the design of the next audit process. Suicides occurring by jumping/ falling from a high-rise residential building (regardless of whether the individual lived in that location) are of particular interest. There is a growing recognition in the city that many vulnerable individuals may reside in these buildings. 52

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