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Electronic Transfer of Pupil Information Explains Everything in North West Schools’ Partnership Eager to provide even more academic information about their pupils, a CPD Transition partnership school in the North West is developing innovative approaches to creating a complete picture of pupils’ abilities prior to joining their new school. Mr Kenny Baldrick, P7 teacher at Newbuildings Primary School in Londonderry has extended the school’s pupil profile to incorporate the iPad app ‘Explain Everything’. Images of pupils’ work, current attainment and targets are all included. Mr Baldrick adapted the pupil profile for iPad to reflect the content of the data profile contained in the GL Digital Assessment. Which alongside PASS Attitudinal Data informs teaching and learning and monitors the impact of interventions in the school. Videos of each pupil’s talking and listening tasks are also included in the information being passed along, as well as samples of writing. This creates a real sense of the individual transferring, providing an invaluable insight into the pupil and supplying an additional layer of information to assist the new school in planning for how that pupil will learn best. This is provided alongside the levels they were achieving leaving P7. Lisneal College, Londonderry was very keen to build on the existing academic profiles of their new pupils and share pedagogy crossphase. “The KS2- KS3 transition work we are doing with our partner schools is a key element of our long-term strategy to raise standards in literacy and numeracy. Through sharing expertise, observing lessons and engaging in meaningful self-evaluation, we have already identified ways in which we can improve teaching and learning experiences for our pupils,” Mr Michael Allen the Lisneal College Principal explained. The other partnership schools involved in this CPD Transition Project are Ebrington PS, Cumber Claudy PS, Lisnagelvin PS and Fountain PS. Mr Baldrick plans to use the CPD Transition Project’s Teacher Placement Bursary to evaluate the impact and use of the information he provides to Lisneal College. He has a particular interest in how underachieving boys and pupils in receipt of free school meals, can be helped through the information being transferred cross-phase. As part of last year’s CPD Transition Project’s Action Plan, Mr Baldrick observed Year 8 lessons at Lisneal College. He found this informative and was impressed with how much effective group work took place in a 35 minute lesson. “I also wanted to look at how they use data in Lisneal College and the strategies adopted for underachievers. Understanding the types of assessment and data they would find beneficial coming from primary school has also been an objective,” Mr Baldrick added. He is planning to produce a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for Year 8 pupils using iPads. “This would promote ICT links and possibly be a means of addressing underachievement by encouraging pupil interaction,” Mr Baldrick explained. The outcome of this extended focus will be shared in the Spring/Summer term with the partnership schools and other interested parties in the community. Mr Baldrick is part of a numeracy transition cluster group with colleagues from Fountain Primary School, Lisnagelvin Primary School and Ebrington Primary School. He reported that his pupils had benefitted from this group through the development of problem solving tasks like Tarsia and using ‘Follow me’ activities. Mr Baldrick has attended the CPD Project training days, incorporating the QR codes he discovered at these events into his planning for differentiated lessons which pupils can access as extension tasks using their iPads. He has also incorporated QR codes for the children in his class to access ‘help videos’ on different aspects of numeracy, available through a VLE he had created. These QR codes can be seen on the display above. Our Fronter Angel! The CPD Project team have really enjoyed compiling the Fronter room website full of teacher resources. As it has evolved and then been streamlined recently, Miss Esther Woodhouse of C2K has been our guiding light. As well as understanding the intricacies of new technologies Miss Woodhouse speaks French and Spanish, which she taught for nine years in a post-primary setting. The endlessly patient Miss Woodhouse says she thoroughly enjoys supporting teachers with integrating new technologies to enhance learning, teaching and their own professional learning. “While the ever-increasing opportunities available can be somewhat daunting, we have seen teachers in short timescales, often working together within and between schools, use new technologies effectively, engaging students with relevant, real-world, collaborative learning experiences and seeing improved learning outcomes,” Miss Woodhouse said. She added : “The Literacy and Numeracy KS2 & 3 CPD Fronter course room created by the project team provides a wealth of fantastic resources, online links and ideas and is available to all teachers across Northern Ireland.” 12 - The Bridge

Online Survey of Action Plans June 2016 These are the results of an online survey sent to all 553 schools, in June. They submitted Action Plans in the 2015-16 academic year to work on cross-phase collaboration between KS2 and KS3. Better Communication (Before) Please rate cross-phase communication on Literacy and Numeracy before this project. Please rate from low to high on a 4 point scale - 4 being the highest rating (226 responses) Better Communication (After) Please rate cross-phase communication on Literacy and Numeracy as a result of this project. Please rate from low to high on a 4 point scale - 4 being the highest rating (226 responses) 31.6% 11.6% 7.1% 1 2 3 4 57.5% 19% 3.1% 1 2 3 4 49.8% 20.4% Barriers to Progress? Contact/Communication 13% ETI 2% Lack of Proactivity 4% Money/Funding 3% No Barriers 10% Sub-cover 2% Time 66% The Bridge - 13

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