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Limavady’s Digital Literacy Focus on Workhouse Woes! Craig Graham, Flynn Harrison & Jamie Craig of Limavady Central PS Limavady pupils stepped back in time to recreate the lives of their Victorian ancestors on film, as part of the transition partnership between Limavady High School and Limavady Central Primary School. The teachers involved were inspired by the digital literacy strategies they saw at the CPD Transition Project training events last year. Mrs Jennifer Given, P7 teacher at Limavady Central Primary School and her colleague Mrs Joy Caskie, a P5 teacher explained that film was a popular focus for their partnership as they had used one from The Literacy Shed selection successfully with accompanying support resources from the Project’s training days. “We taught fairy tales through digital literacy to add that little bit of extra impact in the classroom and the film resources we discovered at the training days really helped with story boarding,” Mrs Given said. Mrs Shauna Devine, Head of English at Limavady High School also attended the CPD Project training events and agreed that the close proximity of the town’s workhouse would be an inspiring focal point for their pupils. “Limavady is steeped in Victorian heritage, as the old Limavady workhouse has been preserved as part of the town’s heritage trail,” Mrs Devine explained. Mrs Caskie and Mrs Given gave schemes of work and other useful information to the Limavady High School teachers to inform the planning for the transition day activities. Mrs Given attended the transition day with her pupils. “The pupils enjoyed the day enormously and it was most educationally beneficial,” she added. The P7 pupils enjoyed the event so much that they all wrote thank you letters to the transition day organisers at Limavady High School. The partnership teachers were synonymous in their praise for Mr George Dallas, Head of History and Religious Studies who brought the historical aspect of the Victorian experience to life on the day. The pupils worked in pairs, on newspaper clippings from the Victorian era followed by a Moving Image Art exercise which incorporated a Hiring Fair role play inspired by the actual fair that used to take place in the town. Mrs Caskie explained that channels of communication that didn’t exist previously have now been opened for the two schools because of the CPD Transition Project. “For year one a central benefit has been communication,” she said. She added that any weaknesses found by Year 8 teachers with regard to literacy, can now be communicated and could be addressed in the partnership’s new Action Plan for 2016- 2017. Mrs Devine is keen to develop consistency in literacy crossphase throughout the range of subjects on offer in Limavady High School. Staff training days on consistency in report and newspaper writing etc are planned, events that her primary school partnership colleagues are keen to share in. Mrs Devine found watching the exemplar lessons from the primary school teachers very informative when she attended the CPD Project training. “When I watched the primary lessons my expectations of pupils entering Year 8 were immediately raised. If that’s what teachers are doing in primary school then we are not doing enough with pupils in Year 8,” she added. Prior to contacting the Limavady Central Primary School, Mrs Devine carried out a whole staff audit which revealed that teachers of all subjects were keen to know more about what the pupils did in primary school. “Our initial focus will be on literacy and numeracy and then it will widen out to incorporate other subjects,” Mrs Devine added. The Limavady teachers are planning to extend their transition partnership events with a focus on Victorian poetry next time. Mrs Devine has also commenced on the Teacher Placement Bursary Scheme with the Transition Project which will enable her to expand and develop her knowledge of learning cross-phase. 2 - The Bridge

Newcastle Schools’ Transition Partnership Adds Up! Shimna Integrated College students are inspiring and encouraging pupils in local primary schools by sharing their mathematical expertise in the classroom. Mrs Pamela McDade, P7 teacher at Cumran Primary School in Clough said that the visit from the Year 9 pupils had created a great deal of excitement last term. “The use of KS3 pupils as teaching experts in a P7 class, has been an exciting development of our transition partnership,” she said. Mrs McDade was impressed by the Year 9 mathematicians’ contributions to her classroom. “These could be our maths teachers of the future,” she added. Mrs Sarah Samuel, the Numeracy Co-ordinator at Shimna Integrated College explained that more innovative crossphase classroom initiatives are planned as part of the partnership schools’ new Action Plan. She added that working with her Primary 7 colleagues in local primary schools has enabled her to improve the planning of teaching and to set higher, yet achievable expectations for Shimna Integrated College students. “Being afforded time to work collaboratively cross-phase is invaluable and enriching to both the staff and students in the primary and post-primary settings,” Mrs Samuel added. “As a P7 teacher, it has been interesting to see the maths content and activities carried out in a KS3 classroom. This has been important in setting goals and targets for the class.” Mrs McDade said. “Staff training has also enabled sharing of good practice and this has been an excellent way of developing ideas and activities that create a continuum between the two key stages,” Mrs McDade added. “Year 8 students at Shimna will use iPads to record themselves teaching a mathematics topic to the rest of their class, this will then be used in the partner primary schools to teach lessons. The P7 pupils will then record their own videos to teach Year 8 classes in the form of a flipped classroom,” Mrs Samuel explained. The other schools involved in the CPD Transition Project partnership include All Children’s Integrated Primary School and St. Mary’s Primary School. Newcastle Primary School has also joined the cluster recently. The partnership schools have created a shared notice boards system, where they display what is happening in mathematics classes in each other’s schools. “The sharing of resources and events means that the new Year 8 students joining each September arrive with drive, confidence and a more positive attitude to mathematics. They recognise the links between their learning in primary school and that in Year 8,” Mrs Samuel said. Shimra Integrated College students in teacher role at Cumran Primary School. The Bridge - 3

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