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THECOMMONER Local Commitment and National Strength WELCOME TO OUR JACKSON-STOPS & STAFF WIMBLEDON NEWSLETTER 2017: A MOMENTOUS YEAR S tuart Mills takes a look at what’s in store for the year ahead in Wimbledon. 2017 will surely prove to be a momentous year for all of us. The installation of a new President of the US, along with our plans to leave the European Union, have heralded significant change already and there will be many new challenges and opportunities ahead. When considering all of this, it seems like a good time to reflect on how important the family home can be. For many, home provides a stable constant, a sanctuary to retreat to away from hectic working lives and the complications of the outside world. Wimbledon Village is often revered for its balance of town and country, almost rural, living; with over 1,000 acres of common land and woodland, it replicates the feel of many a country village. With its array of attractive cafés, restaurants and appealing boutiques to spend time in at the weekends, Wimbledon Village continues to be a popular destination of choice for many. Added to this, we have great schools and ease of access into central London by car, train or bus; all of these factors combine to provide the best of town and country living for those lucky enough to live here. Owning property in this area provides a safe haven in more than just a financial way: it also is a joy, a privilege and a solid investment. sm There will be many new challenges and opportunities ahead. Stuart Mills, Sales Manager

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