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PURE NATURAL ENERGY THE FOUNDER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF NEOM ORGANICS, NICOLA ELLIOTT, ON THE IMPORTANCE OF PURE NATURAL ENERGY Pure natural energy…for me, so much starts with this; the right frame of mind, the motivation to get done whatever I want, the power to get the most out of my day. I feel powerful when I get the balance of life right. A good night’s sleep, a body full of the right nutrients, when I’m in a regular pattern with my exercise, working enough to stimulate me but not too much I feel frazzled…it’s a bit of a list but that’s good, it means I don’t just rely on one thing, but a cocktail of elements to make up my wellbeing, and in turn to make me feel my most powerful self. We understand how having an abundance of natural energy can make the earliest mornings and longest days so much more manageable and productive. This season at Neom, we are celebrating energy and we’re going to be focusing on the small steps that can make a big difference to your natural energy levels, with all sorts of helpful tips and insights to help you find your #MostPowerfulSelf. We understand how having an abundance of natural energy can make the earliest mornings and longest days so much more manageable and productive. We’ve got heaps of tips and tricks and a bank of 30 small steps that will provide support, whether you’re committing to a full detox, or just want to feel that little bit better. You can find all this at www.neomorganics. com/mostpowerfulself and in store at Neom Wimbledon (38A High Street) – make sure you pop in to store to find out how the small steps can make the big difference, and try our 100% natural fragrance for the body and mind. GAIL’S BAKES UP A ROMANTIC TREAT Having opened in Wimbledon Village in 2015, GAIL’s focus continues to be on making worldclass craft bread a part of the community, reinventing the way people think about the humble loaf – fresh and handmade – and their neighbourhood bakery – local and beautiful. Over the last couple of years, the team have partnered with Kew Gardens and supported local charities with their surplus food collections, thanks to the help of local volunteers. GAIL’s Artisan Bakery will soon celebrate their second Valentine’s Day in Wimbledon Village, and this year, it’s all about flowers with their new cakes and biscuits. Available since 26th January, Head Baker Roy Levy has created Mini Honey cakes topped with blue cornflowers (£1.50, 5 for £5); Pistachio, Lemon and Rose cakes (£4); and Heart Shortbreads scattered with wildflower petals (£1.50, 5 for £5). GAIL’s signature loaves of freshly baked bread will also undergo a makeover, stenciled with hearts to share with loved ones. Throughout February, GAIL’s bakery is teaming up with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew for the second year. This year’s Orchid Festival is inspired by the vibrant culture, colours and landscape of India and to celebrate, GAIL’s bakers have created fragrantly spiced Cardamom Buns. Available exclusively in their South West neighbourhood bakeries from the 4th February to the 5th March, GAIL’s customers will also receive an exclusive 25% discount on tickets. GAIL’s Artisan Bakery, 9 High Street Wimbledon, SW19 5DX The Valentine’s Collection is available from 26th January – 14th February and the Kew Gardens partnership will run from the 4th February – 5th March.

WILLIAM’S WIMBLEDON WILLIAM KERR, LETTINGS NEGOTIATOR, DISCUSSES THE SMALL GEOGRAPHICAL NUANCES OF WIMBLEDON LIFE If you are a Wimbledonian, do you know where you live? If you were told by an estate agent that you actually lived ‘down towards the tennis’ or in West Wimbledon, how would you feel? Do you ever find that whenever you describe which part of Wimbledon you live in, it is described as being a few minutes’ walk from either the Village or the train station? Before I began working as an estate agent, the Village would be used to describe the ‘buffer zone’ from the Dog and Fox and the Common to the likes of Coombe, Putney and Wimbledon town. Never before had I heard of the phrase ‘West Wimbledon’ or the road Parkside being used as an area rather than a road. I had never considered that the location known as ‘off the Common’ or ‘off the Ridgway’ could potentially be viewed as a different place to the Village. Only in the last year have I really started to notice that people very often use these phrases to describe where they live, rather than simply saying, ‘I live in Wimbledon Village.’ Why has this occurred? It seems as though there are few places in the world where such a small geographical patch contains so many smaller areas within it; the phrase ‘residential identity’ springs to mind. From where people choose to reside, you can often tell what they want from a property. Do they, for instance, wish to be in close proximity to shops? Are they looking to minimise the commute to the station every morning? Would they like to be on a quiet road to ensure a better night’s sleep? Perhaps the future of estate agency lies in creating a mathematical-like formula to deduce the client’s wishes and needs. The conclusion I come to is that there are few other places besides Wimbledon offering so many different living experiences. I’ve seen cottages to rent surrounded by wilderness; I’ve seen flats offering stunning views across the whole of London; I’ve visited apartments that produce the familiar London background noises of police sirens and vibrant bars underneath. Which London postcodes, if any, can provide such a diverse range of experiences from a home? And how many places worldwide can you buy and rent properties in with styles reminiscent of a Charles Dickens novel that also provide a fast-paced, cosmopolitan feel? This is one of the many reasons I feel privileged to work in Wimbledon, to be exposed to a variety of people and places as a result of the variation it provides. I hope to continue to learn more and more as I progress and to continue being well-placed to educate, advise and help people who want to live here but do not completely know why – or where. WANTED! GUINEA PIGS! wk William Kerr, Lettings Negotiator Aspiring children’s author, erstwhile wit, bon viveur and raconteur Tom Everett, aka Assistant Sales Manager of Jackson-Stops & Staff Wimbledon Village branch, has written a devilishly good novel of teenage fiction suitable (mainly) for girls age eleven plus. If you love reading and would like to review and critique a fully edited but as yet unpublished manuscript before it hits the bookshops, I would be delighted to hear from you. If you are good I will even sign it!

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