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25th anniversary Brochure


Celebrating our Silver

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee COMMUNITY 11, TEMA GOODWILL MESSAGE FROM REV. PAUL KOFI ANNAN I urge you to Keep in mind the historical situation from which you have emerged, that will make you humble. Serve God and serve the people. Bring into the fold the ostracized and the marginalized. Finally, remember, success is not measured by how much work one can accomplish but through TEAM WORK. I wish you the best and the Lord’s blessings now and the years to come. Congratulations. On the occasion of your 25th Anniversary as a Society, I write with profound and heart felt gratitude to God for your life as a Church. My family and I have nostalgic memories of our two and half years with you and how each of you committed yourself to the work of the Lord as we laboured in His Kingdom to gather. This is a well-deserved celebration. I salute each of you and the founding Fathers for toiling tirelessly to bring glory to God and the Church, My exhortation to those of us who have the privilege to see this anniversary is to be perpetually reminded of the sacrifices which have being made by both the dead and the living. At this stage your fidelity to the church-( the body of Christ) is essential. 12 IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee GOOD WILL MESSAGE FROM VERY REV.D LAWRENCE K. L. AMARTEY ON THE OCCASION OF THE 25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY OF IMMANUEL SOCI- ETY IN OBENYAADE CIRCUIT Congratulations... It is heart warming to know that Immanuel Society is 25 years Old. HURRAY!!! I congratulate the founding members for their dream and strength of faith that started the society to provide spiritual and social nurture for the people of Community 11 and the environs. It is also worthy to appreciate those who continued to keep the fire of prayer and evangelism to consolidate the growth of the Society. I was privileged to see the closing chapter of the wooden structure (Intaabodan), taking over from the Rev. Peter’s and the birthing of the new Chapel in 2000. I continued to feel Blessed to be the first to be seen off in a grand send off ceremony in the New Chapel. Immanuel Society gave birth to Freeman Society to make her presence as God’s tool for Salvation stronger among the Tema Communities and to become a Circuit...Obenyaade. Ayekoo, EBENEZER I believe that at 25, if Immanuel were to be a human being, he/she would have become mature and contemplating marriage, (symbol of maturity and ready to take up responsibilities). On this occasion, I would like to pay tribute to all who supported God’s work till this time. I remember those I met when I was on Pastoral duty to Immanuel; Stewards, Leaders, Building Committee Members led by Opanyin Dofah, S. B. Jones and others; Youths and their Leaders, the Children’s Ministry and their Teachers and indeed the entire Immanuel Membership – May God Bless you all. Immanuel Society was the confirmation of my calling and the consolidation of my gifts for ministry as the family setting provided tutorship and platform for IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y 13

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