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25th anniversary Brochure


Celebrating our Silver

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee COMMUNITY 11, TEMA ECHOES OF IMMANUEL The Echoes of Immanuel is as old as Immanuel Methodist Church. It started in 1990/1991 in the wooden structure. During the first service of Immanuel Methodist church, the then Minister, Rev. John Kwamina Bassawas part of the liturgy for the day requested for someone to volunteer to lead the church in praise and worship. Bro. John Aseeph, the then chapel keeper took the challenge and responded to the call. He led the church in the singing of choruses and worship songs. That day marked the beginning of an atmosphereof charismatism inImmanuel. Thiswas a time most the youth in the Methodistchurch were leaving to join the charismatic churches. That day excited the youth so much that, the subsequent Sunday saw a few more of the youthjoin Brother John Aseeph in the Praise and worship time at service. Notable among the youthwere sister Ingrid Atta, Sister Monica Williams, Brother William Yamoah, Brother Harry Ofei-Sah and Brother Frances Yankson. The group was originallyrefered to as the Praise Team unitil in 1994 under the leadership of Brother Seth...It became known as...Later under the leadership of brother Kofi Toffaha large number of the members of the group adopted the name Greater Glory. The group at the time had the following as members, the late Dorcas Inkumsah, Mrs.Christiana Danso, Isaac Andoh,Adelaide Amoah, Monica Williams, Grace Dofah, Regina Abiam- Danso, WillaimYamoah, Ingrid Atta. Mrs Ackah’s Daughter, John Aseeph, AshiaOkyere, and many more. During the past period mentioned above, the Echoes of Immanuel has led the church in offering, praise and adoration to God in her worship service. The group continues to improve upon the praise and worship life of the church as this its primary duty. Furthermore the Echoes of Immanuel also organize an annual program dubbed HOSANNA FESTO to unearth the talent of all young people in the Tema Obenyaade Circuit and to also to present the word of God to them. It is our desire to gather all young people who have the gift of singing to form a mass choir and also to embark on evangelism. 38 IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee COMMUNITY 11, TEMA Today we join with the congregation of Immanuel Methodist Church Tema Community 11 to give thanks to God for being good and faithful to them for the past 25 years. The Echoes of Immanuel Singing Ministry, being one of the groups in the music department of the church is also particularly grateful to God for seeing us also through 25 years of ministry. The grace and mercies of God, our Father, have seen us through successfully and we are extremely grateful to Him. On this occasion we wish to appreciate the good counsel of our patrons and patroness and the Leadership of the Immanuel Methodist Church for their pieces of advice, word of encouragement, prayer and material support which have helped in the growth of the ministry are very much appreciated. The power of the Holy Spirit in our Ministry for the past 25years has really strengthen our faith in the Lord. It is our firm belief that the Lord God will continue to give us grace and divine strength to praise Him all the days of our lives. Slogan “ Make A Joyful Noise unto the Lord” (Psalm 100) IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y 39

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