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25th anniversary Brochure


Celebrating our Silver

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee COMMUNITY 11, TEMA IMMANUEL METHODIST YOUTH FELLOWSHIP When Immanuel Methodist Society was inaugurated on 8th February 1992, organizations were required to be in place to address the particular needs of members. Young members of the Society, who felt let out from the adult and intergenerational organizations came together to hold meetings as MYF members in June 1992. These people were between the ages of fourteen (14) and thirty four(34) years. Meetings were held on Sundays at 5.00pm at the old MEDASS premises. Over the next few months when meetings took place, most of the “older” members left the Fellowship, leaving the young and inexperienced ones remaining to organize programs and activities according to the best of their abilities. In spite of this challenge, the Fellowship was sustained under the tutelage of the few older members remaining. Their aim was to support till the inauguration of the Immanuel MYF. Notable among them were Bro. Ebenezer K. Haizel who was then the Connexional Chairman of the Methodist Youth Fellowship., Sis. Eva Haizel, Bro. Baffour-Kwakye and Rev. EkowSey, who was also a Sunday School teacher and now the Director of the Rafiki Orphanage in Winneba. The Immanuel MYF was formally inaugurated on Sunday 19th December 1993 by the late Rev. John K. Bassaw, the Minister in charge then, with a total membership of forty-five (45) made up of twenty-one brothers and twenty-four sisters. The pioneer First Vice President was Bro. Claude Otoo. Over the years, the Fellowship has had seven changes in office holders. “We Work, We Witness, We Worship” is the motto of the MYF by which members of Immanuel MYF strive to live by. Focus of the Fellowship was on the “work” aspect of the motto. Arrangements for church services were undertaken by the Fellowship when the Society worshipped in “TABUSCO”, the wooden classroom block at the old MEDASS premises. This involved removing desks and chairs, cleaning up the block and arranging the chairs, as well as putting up canopies to contain any spill-over of members in attendance. After service, members had to stay behind 40 IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee and arrange the desk and chairs for use by the students on Monday. This effort sustained as much as possible till the Society moved to worship in its current premises. Members of the Fellowship have served in various positions and as resource persons over the years. It has the honour of the pioneer Chairman and Financial Secretary of the Tema Diocesan MYF being elected from the Society. Some have held office as executive of the Tema North Bro. Shadrach Simpson Sis. Grace ObengFrimpong Sis. Rita Boateng Sis. Gladys Asiedu Sis. Martha Branson Bro. Richard Clarke Bro. David Boyan Sis. Belinda Kwarteng Bro. Evans Mensah COMMUNITY 11, TEMA 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Financial Secretary Treasurer Male Organizer Female Organizer Porter Circuit MYF. Others have served as class leaders, assistant class leaders, Secretary to Leaders’ Meeting and Quarterly Meeting, and also been involved in the Children’s Ministry as Sunday School teachers. The Fellowship has been instrumental in the formation of the Ebenezer MYF when the Society was designated as a nursery one. The Fellowship has had its fair share in fluctuation of growth membership over the years. This has been influenced mainly by members pursuing academic and professional courses, work schedules, moving out of the Society’s catchment area for reasons of accommodation, as well as dwindling commitment to the aims and objectives of the Fellowship. Currently, membership stands at 30 with the following as their well able executives steering the fellowship Also, 2 members each from the 4 sections were appointed to be leaders and assistants of the various sections. God has been faithful to the Fellowship through Immanuel Society over the twenty five years of its existence. The support of the various Ministers, Leaders’ Meeting, other organizations and membership in diverse ways cannot be underestimated. It is our prayer that the Fellowship will be active supporting the achievement of the success story of Immanuel Methodist Society as it embarks on the next 25 years and beyond of its life. IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y 41

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