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25th anniversary Brochure


Celebrating our Silver

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee IMMANUEL METHODIST SINGING BAND The following brethren were the first executives as at the inauguration of the Band in 1994. Sis. Ernestina Adobiah Sis. Doris Quansah Sis. Agnes Wilberforce Sis. Beatrice Asare Sis. GladyDonkoh Bro. John Mbroh President Secretary Asst. Secretary Band Mistress Band Mother Band Father The Immanuel Methodist Singing Band started in 1992, when the church was by then worshiping at Medass Old site, under the leadership of Rev. J. K. Bassaw of blessed memory. There are some pioneering members like Sis. Breatrice Baidoo now Sis. Beatrice Asare, Sis. Gladys Donkoh, Bro. John Mbroh, Sis. Doris Quansah, Sis. Agnes Wilberforce, Sis. Ernestina Adobia, Ransford Osei, Florence Nketea Mensah, Agnes Mensah, Patrica Mensah Evans Boadi later they were joined by some six members from Sister B’s family and also some seven members from Madam Alice Deby’s family it is gratifying to note that from the above sisters Beatrice Baidoo, Gladys Donkoh and Bro. Evans Boadi thou a distant member are still with the Band and are very active. As at the time of inauguration our numerical strength was thirty three (33) made up of seven (7) males and twenty (26) females. After our inauguration both secretaries relocated, then came the entry of Bro. KwekuKwateng assisted by Sis. Grace Boateng, Bro. Jacob Annan also acted as secretary from 1999 to 2000. It must be placed on record that Sis. Esther Donkor who is the Anniversary Planning Committee Chairperson and also a patron of the Band was once a secretary. The following are the list of Band Masters who have held the fort to date: The late Bro. Foster Baidoo 1997 to 1998. Bro. Nana BanyinEshun 1999 to 2000 Sis. Beatrice Asare and son Evans Boadi acted as Band Mistress and Band Master respectively from 2000 to 2001. 50 IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee The late Bro. Charles Fynn from 2001 to 2005. Bro. George Edzii from 2006 to 2007. The Band became dormant for sometimedur to the exit of Bro. George Edzii to join the church choir. However things turned round when the good Lord in His own time brought Bro. Christopher Monnie in 2009. Through the effort of Sis. Gladys Donkoh and Bro. Kennetey Essel(Choir master) through the ingenuity of Bro. Christopher Monnie supported by the president Sis. Alberta Annan. The band introduced Easter concert Dubbed “ Passion of Jesus Christ” Hymns and their meaning in Akan. Invariably for the first time of the history of the Tema Obenyaade Circuit and for that matter Immanuel, the Band represented the Circuit in the Tema Diocesan Singing Band Conference held at Ada in 2012. Even though we were cheated at that conference as far as the singing competition was concern, the band was the toast to all the Diocese including the then National president Opanyin Afful Eshum. SIS. GRACE AIDOO: CHAPLAIN The band would not have come this far without the contribution of our cherished patrons. We are also proud to say that the Superintendent Minister of the circuit Very Rev. Ebenezer Popeson Adjei is the current Diocesan chaplain of the Tema Diocesan Singing Band. We indeed hold you the Diocesan chaplain and patrons in owe. So praise we great and famous men. The Father’s named in story and praise the Lord who now as then, revealed in man His glory. Despite our setbacks, we will continue to wave high the Banner of Christ till He comes for Jesus Signals still. We will wave the answer back to Heaven and say by the grace we will. To God be the Glory. Tow Ayeyi…………………………………….. The following are the current executives of the Band BRO. CHRISTOPHER MONNIE: BAND MASTER SIS. ALBERTA ANNAN: PRESIDENT SIS. BEATRICE ASARE: VICE PRESIDENT SIS. MERCY BASSAW: ACTING SECRETARY / FINANCIAL SECRETARY IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y 51

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