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25th anniversary Brochure


Celebrating our Silver

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee GOODWILL MESSAGE It is with joy to congratulate all of you on this occasion, on our 25th Anniversary. We are all blessed. The Theme for this anniversary is appropriate and challenging. What we as a family have being able to achieve in all these years in Christendom is by the grace of God. As Christians, we wish to encourage ourselves to move out of our societies into the harvest which is ripe in home, office, markets, schools and even within our societies. We should let our lifstyles, our attitudes and relationship draw people in the Lord’s Vineyard. It is therefore important that we fulfil our vows to Christ by living holy lives in a bid to win souls for him. We should transcend Spirituality to include all facets of life physical, social, political, emotional education etc. it is our prayer that our success so far must be celebrated and at the same time sustain it. The Lord who has brought us this far shall never leave us nor forsake us as we labour on... Immanuel – God is with Us. 60 IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee IMMANUEL METHODIST SUSANNA WESLEY MISSION AUXILLARY THE HISTORY OF SUSANNA WESLEY MISSION AUXILARY (SUWMA) IMMANUEL METHODIST CHURCH COMMUNIIY 11 - TEMA We give thanks to God the greatest architect of the universe, the source of our being, author and finisher of our faith for guiding, protecting, keeping, feeding and providing us the resources needed for all these years till today. May His name be praised. On the 12th April 1998 SUWMA was launched at Immanuel Methodist Church, the President Sister Joyce Takyi-Aboage, her executives and some sisters from Bethel Methodist Church Community (8) eight, Tema. The maiden meeting was held by eighteen (18) members. The Association continued meeting till such a time that the organization ceased functioning for various reasons. Heaven requires that we pray, knowing that prayer is the master key to all impossibilities. Rev. J. K. Amartey and Sister Henrietta Coleman met on the evening of 6th July, 1998 in one of the classrooms of MEDASS and prayed. God intervened and that was how SUWMA was revived and has survived till date. SUWMA grew in strength and numbers and was inaugurated with 20 members by Rev. Bortey in the year 2000. Rev. Bortey, President Sister Grace Maclean and her able executives accorded us tremendous support. She has been called to eternity. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Before our 5th Anniversary 15th April, 2010, New Executives were inducted into office and by the Grace of God the organization was able to organize an outdoor crusade on the 25th April, 2010 at Tema community 11 station with the help of the superintendent Minister Very Rev. S. L AddoDonkoh, our President Sister Juliana Biney and executives not forgetting our beloved patrons who worked day and night to see this dream come through. God being so good we had one [1] Nursery Freeman Methodist SUWMA at community (12). Immanuel SUWMA currently has membership of fifty (50) lead by our President Sister Sophia Quarshie the. The executives were inducted into Office by our Very Rev. Ebenezer PopesonAdjei and Rev. Kofi Annan in 2016. This team aided in the inauguration of Freeman IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y 61

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