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25th anniversary Brochure


Celebrating our Silver

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee in order to achieve your aims and objective. The church of God needs to grow now and always and this would happen if we would be occupied with the Kingdom Business (Evangelism) till Jesus comes again. As we evangelize to win more souls for Christ, let us work out our own salvation with fear and trembling so that after we have brought many to Christ, we would not be disqualified. Brethren I pray and wish that we have an historic and successful anniversary celebration that would revive all the members of the Church and rekindle the Methodist Evangelical Heritage for church Growth. To God be the glory. 8 IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee COMMUNITY 11, TEMA RT. REV. SAMUEL OSEI TUTU ACHAMFUOR YEBOAH It is always good to celebrate God for His goodness. And for Immanuel Society, its members and Leadership, it is a duty to worship, praise, and thank God for His goodness these twenty five years. The psalmist celebrated God thus.- “ Praise the Lord! O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever” (Psalm 106:1). So it is proper and prudent for Immanuel Society to praise and adore God for what He has done for the Society these twenty five year; including : 1- The numbers of people who have been helped by the Society to know the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation He freely offers and to grow in Him. 2- Many Spiritual, financial, and physical blessings. 3- The Leadership of the Society, both lay and clergy 4- The development of the Society, particularly from the wooden structures to the present edifices. 5- The children and youth who are being nurtured by the Society to become leaders of church and state; industry and commerce; academia, military, and diplomacy in the future. So Immanuel Society has many reasons for which God must be celebrated. Psalm 106 can be an excellent example or guideline for celebrating God. Cast all your cares, concerns, fears, and anxieties on Him. Continue to serve Him and to live to please Him so His good promises will continue to be fulfilled in you. We look forward for greater attainments by His grace. Ayekoo. Congratulations. God bless you abundantly. Rt. Rev. S.O. Achamfuo- Yeboah. IMMANUEL S O C I E T Y 9

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