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Criteria: Enrolled

Criteria: Enrolled full-time Enrolled in the School of Natural Resources Management Consideration will be given to continuing students in subsequent years Recipients will be required to participate in a special noncredit program designed by the School of NRM to enhance academic success and strengthen interpersonal and professional life skills. Schramm, Inc. Endowed Scholarship Major: Heavy Construction Equipment Technology-Technician (HE) Semester Awarded: Fall Renewable: Yes Criteria: Enrolled full-time Enrolled in the HE program Dr. John T. Shuman Scholarship Major: Any degree major Semester Awarded: Fall Renewable: Yes Criteria: Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher Applied and eligible for financial aid Dedication and leadership Hazel Sinclair Memorial Scholarship Major: Diesel Technology Semester Awarded: Fall Renewable: No Criteria: Enrolled full-time Enrolled as a second year student Part-time employment may be available to the scholarship recipient Slowboy Racing Scholarship Fund Major: Any major Semester Awarded: Fall Criteria: Enrolled full-time Enrolled in any major Are a member of the Penn College Motor Sports Association 44

Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Chapter 49 Scholarship Major: Any engineering major Semester Awarded: Fall Renewable: Yes Criteria: Must be a member of Society of Manufacturing Engineers Awarded to an applicant who has the highest GPA from the previous semester (not cumulative GPA) Jean R. and Marvin H. Staiman Scholarship Major: Any major Semester Awarded: Fall/Spring Renewable: Yes Criteria: Enrolled as a part-time or full-time student Enrolled in any program at the College Maxine Stiffler/Lycoming County Paralegal Association Annual Scholarship Major: Legal assistant/Paralegal Studies Semester Awarded: Fall Renewable: Yes Criteria: Third or fourth-year student enrolled no less than part-time Minimum GPA of 3.0 Are a non-traditional student Student Leader Legacy Fund Majors: Any major Semester Awarded: Fall Criteria: Enrolled full-time Minimum GPA of 2.5 Minimum of one academic year of full-time status remaining in their studies Demonstrates a strong determination in continuing the legacy of student leadership at Penn College Preference given to students who have demonstrated previous leadership to Penn College and the surrounding communities Applicants must also submit an essay outlining why they are deserving of the scholarship. In the essay, applicants should highlight: current and previous 45

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