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Federal Agencies: The information you filled out on your FAFSA will be verified by the U.S. Department of Education with the following agencies: Social Security Administration o To verify your social security number with U.S. Citizenship Selective Service System (males only) o To verify Selective Service status Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service (BCIS) o To verify eligible noncitizen status, if applicable U.S. Department of Justice o To verify a student hasn’t been denied federal aid as a result of a drug related conviction U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (if applicable) o To verify veteran status Important Dates: There are certain dates to keep in mind when it comes to receiving the best possible outcome of financial aid. Get a PIN for your FAFSA or use your previous one if applicable. Complete the FAFSA after January 1 and before April 15. The sooner you complete it the better your chances are for financial aid consideration. It is given on a first-come firstserved basis as stated before. Taxes should be completed before the FAFSA, if not you can estimate your income. Pennsylvania State Grant deadline is April 1. You should find out when your personal states grant deadlines are for applications. Scholarship deadlines vary, so it is important you are aware of them. By May states grant agencies will start mailing awards for qualified students. 4

Federal Work-study Program (FWS) The FWS program provides students with an opportunity to work part-time in order to finance postsecondary education costs. There are about 3,400 institutions who offer this service. Hourly wages cannot fall under minimum wage. Your eligibility for this program is determined by your expected family contribution (EFC) on your FAFSA. If you are interested in employment make sure to mark “yes” when asked the question on your FAFSA regarding student employment. Your financial aid award letter will inform you if you can take part in work-study. If you have already filled out your FAFSA for the year you can contact your Financial Aid Office at your school. They will then determine your eligibility. The total amount of FWS awards your will receive depends on your application date, your level of need, and the funding level of your school. Job Positions Employment through the federal work-study program is encouraged to be through community service areas and in fields that relate to your major. Job positions can either be on or off-campus. Once you are accepted in the FWS program, you will be sent information on the necessary steps you should take to receive a FWS job. The Financial Aid Office of your school will be able to give you a list of available jobs. Earnings As an employee you will at least earn minimum wage, in some instances you may earn more depending on where you work and the type of work. Your earnings are taxable. Hours You cannot earn more money then your total FWS award. The employer will consider your total award and your class schedule when assigning hours. Work-study hours are flexible, and you can contact the school to see how many hours you can work per week. On average an employee will work 10-15 hours per week with a work-study job. 5

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